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Tarot Art Kardz

Designed by RA Barrington

Paintings by LuLu

Interpretations by Cavegirl

All images on this website are copyright 1999, 2000 by RA Barrington. They may not be used in any manner without written permission by RA Barrington.

Kard IX The Hermit

The Hermit, kard IX, is ruled by Virgo. As you can see by the imagery, the hermit has difficulty seeing where he is going. He steps cautiously. But with the light he can illuminate the way. The Hermit is old and alone. He realizes it is time to reexamine his life. He knows there must be more than this. He is introspective. It is a time to stand up and try something new. Read something new. Crack open your head. Don't be an ostrich sitting on your laurels or lack of them. Be patience. Don't be thoughtless. Reversed: Impatience. Striking impulsively. Becoming obstinent. Listen to older and wiser people they have lessons, messages for you to learn

Kard X The Wheel of Fortune

Thw Wheel of Fortune, kard X, is ruled by Juptier. The wheel spins and spins knowing not where to stop. Life is a big gamble, a lottery. You make it want you need. The imagery here is of a sphinx, a dog, and a snake. The sphinx sitting atop the wheel means he is the ruler. The snake has ruled, and the dog is the next to rule. The wheel itself has no ruler. It just spins. The wheel can signal an end to problems, and even some very good luck coming your way. Or it can mean simply a turn for the better in all things. Usually this is the outcome of something you have laid groundwork for. Reversed:Unpleasant surprises. Bad luck. But as always don't worry since the wheel keeps spinning and your time will come.

Kard XI Justice

Justice, kard XI, is ruled by Libra. Justice, not blinded here, is standing between the pillars of freedom and incarceration. She tries to make wise decisions. She holds a balance always trying to weigh every decision correctly and have mercy. But she does have a sword and demands swift justice and punishment.She represents divine justice, not the judicial system of human beings. All things good will be honored and all trangressions will be paid for. This is the kard of good judgement. It also is favorable for court cases and legal matters. It suggests that this is a good time to sign contracts for business or housing or even a marriage. A business proposal could come your way. A wrong will be righted. Reversed:Bad advice. Injustice. Watch out for court intanglements. Your judgement may be sketchy. Don't make big decisions. NextPage