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A Multi-Cultural Bedtime Story

Description: This children's book is designed as a "read aloud" bedtime story for ages 3 and beyond. The stories involve four children in a community who interact with each other. It is written on three allegorical levels. The first level is teaching children the caveats of life, e.g. the first chapter, not to run off from your parents, you may get lost in an unfamiliar setting; second chapter, not to play with matches; third chapter, not to cross the streets alone or looking both ways to avoid an accident; and lastly enjoying your friends through a slumber party.

The second level deals with multicultural issues. As an adult how do you teach your child about transracially adopted families or interracially blended families when these questions are posed to you? The method incorporated here is to use the book as a positive tool. Race is not mentioned anywhere in these four short stories, but the racially blended families are depicted through pictures; and one message they carry for you to impart to your little one is that, "They love one another just like we do in our family." The important factor here is that ultimately, it leaves the viewpoint up to the parent to relate in his own words what the parent wants to teach their child about these issues.

The third level is to mentally stimulate the adult reading this book to the child to look introspectively into his own life and examine what belief system he is instilling into his child. In the first story in the table of contents a Bible scripture is mentioned. James 1:27 "...pure religion is taking care of orphans..." and for all of those who profess to be religious, examine your hearts. There are adoptive parents and foster parents who have opened their homes to a child, an orphan of another race and culture. Are you one that would discriminate or ostracize such a family? Perhaps we have become deluded as to what true, pure religion is.

Love can conquer all, especially if we as a society would do unto other families as we would have them do unto us.

That being the impetus behind my book, I know you will enjoy reading this beautiful story of The Village of Spence Hill.

Please e-mail me and share your thoughts after you've read this book. I'd love to hear from you!!


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