"I am always at a loss how much to
believe my own stories."
-Washington Irving, Tales of a Traveler, 1824


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Medicine comes in many different forms. Western Medicine - which involves to a large degree invasive procedures - has been around for less than a thousand years. Hippocrates, generally considered the father of modern medicine, promoted the healing arts over splicing and dicing. The second century Greek physician, Galen, an intellectual descendant of Hippocrates, was a practitioner of the ancient art of touch, administering relief not via scalpel, but through physical contact, skin on skin. It wasn't until Rome became Christianized that the ancient healing arts fell out of favor, largely due to the passage of laws banning the practice of them. What little medicine there remained being practiced in Europe, virtually vanished with the onslaught of the Black Death; the great plague that plunged Western civilization - and enlightenment along with it - into the dark.

Joan Ranquet is an animal communicator. That is to say, she speaks to animals - and they to her - through images. Improving an animal's behavior, she has found in over twenty years of practice, is often as simple as visualizing it. She covers all that in her book Communication With All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator (Hay House, $16.99). The advantage of animal communication is simple: knowing what's on our animal companions' minds enables us to better care for them. With that in mind, Ranquet wrote Energy Healing For Animals: A Hands-On Guide for Enhancing the Health, Longevity & Happiness of . . . more >

The Time-Life series Mysteries of the Unknown is a veritable encyclopedia of the supernatural. Ranging from the occult to UFOs to strange and psychic phenomena, the editors at Time-Life Books have compiled the series with objectivity in mind. They don't shy away from placing naysayers right alongside proponents of the same subject. The series' pages are filled with truth; the series' pages are filled with fancy. Time-Life trusts its readers to sort it out for themselves.

Mind and Body
Powers of Healing (Volume 13 in the series) is divided into four chapters: Other Roads to Health, Ancient Arts from the East, Faith and the Human Touch, and The Mind as Physician. The first chapter, Other Roads to Health, covers an array of cultural/ethnic/folk therapies. Here, shamanism, faith healing, massage therapy and even Edgar Cayce (the Sleeping Prophet) are covered. These diverse approaches to healing look to be worlds apart, except in one underlying belief: that mind, body and spirit are inextricably connected. They look at health holistically, and see it as a state of harmony and balance among the forces of energies, gods and spirits, believed to govern the whole. Sickness, then, is the result of being out of harmony. Indian and Chinese traditions alike have promoted this . . . more >


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