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Welcome to Space Age Sims, home to Shod Dee Da Antiques, Fast Eddie's Intergalactic Imports, and the Bleems. Recently Added: Everything. 


BREAKING NEWS: Here's a couple of last minute Christmas objects. I'm gone 'til New Years, so happy holidays everyone!



Check out the OBJECTS PAGE for a color-changing rocket lamp, a rotating fan, a beehive blender, and lots of other great junk. For the holidays we have a light-up aluminum Christmas tree, and for all you pet lovers out there, take home a few INTERGALACTIC FLYING SPACE BUNNIES.




On the SKINS PAGE, download the Bleem family-Spacey Jo and Chud. 

Coming soon on the HOUSES PAGE, download the Bleem abode, as well as a creepy plantation (complete with hedge maze) and Hogwarts (for any Harry Potter fans out there).

Also in the works, LINKS to all my favorite Sims sites.




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