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This is my Page for I am the Great All Knowing Me! also known as Stephanie Bequeath. Well I have finally descided to update and start with everything. I'm going to ad pages. This is my home page! Yay! It's not going to have brilliant graphics or correct spelling but it'll be all about me! Or my stuff anyway and that's what's important. . me.

14 February 2004: Well I'd apologize for a lack of any updating but alas, I am completely and totally... meh? Listen, websites... they're hard work you see? And while I'd love to have one... I'd also love to graduate college and get my DVM inside of 3 years, but somethings will just never happen... and thus the world still spins and Life goes on...HOWEVER!

My LiveJournal That'll get you near up-to-date info on me. It's not going to open a new window though, so make sure you've looked at the five pages on here first.