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This is my first attempt at an internet dwelling. Basically, I plan to keep it simple and just stay focused on the issue. And that issue is my poetry. I have compiled all of my "formal Poetry" from the last five years, approximately, onto this site. It's in chronological order, and if you're bored you can trace the evolution of my writing. yippy. Other than that, enjoy. Also, this isn't very inspirational or uplifting, so go somewhere else for that. I'll try to make some updates to this place in the future, besides adding new poetry regularly. Thank you for visiting this site, and comments are always welcome. Sorry for the lame introduction, I really do write better than this uneloquent stammering. That is all. P.S. Agelfire can be pretty bitchy, so if it tells you that it can't find a page, just hit your reload button. Thanks.

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The pages of ink

A Chronicle Of Ink And Thought

This is my original work from long ago, or at least about five years ago. It is sad, but that's ok. It still has some unique talent to it, but I would say it is the most amatuerish effort from this collection. Even though I love some pieces in here, it still seems too shallow.

The Sleepless Bullshit Sessions
My second set of poetry is much nicer, but also has more experimental pieces I think. Then again it is true to the title, in that most everything was written between 2:00 and 8:00 a.m. This set captures insanity nicely, and it has the sense of truly bled ink.

Frozen Tears And The Cemetary Playground
I think this collection is an enhanced version of the first two. It is more artistic and less narrowly portrayed. It is just as dreary as the first two, so I seem to be consistent with my topics so far.

Grey Lipstick On An Empty Shotglass
A heavy, and again evolved, collection in the style of my usual self. Enjoy.

Shards Of Stickmen
Another chunk of filth from my head. Similar in texture, but never repeated. Kind of an abstract spanking for your mind.

Succulent Failure
I branched off early from Shards Of Stickmen with this new collection, because I wrote my first poem with punctuation. It seemed fitting to start another section, and I will write with punctuation throughout this collection.

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