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June 1, 2002

Fact or fiction?

Chief Illiniwek, mascot of the Illinois University of Chicago

"Indian mascots kitsch or Indian sports mascots sell for record prices at auction in Paris, France (in the year 2525)"

It is an art biz reality: the less number of art pieces by an artist can be sold for higher prices than if the art market is flooded with art works. I awoke to a surreal politically correct  Native American world where all sports ndn mascots were being auctioned to art collectors from all around the world at a neutral antique auction house in Paris, France (name of the auction house will remain anonymous to protect the innocent, wherever they are hiding).The prices were record high for a remaining hundred mascot art pieces.

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"Where have all the Indians gone"
From "Where have all the Indians gone" series 1999
Acrylic/ gesso/ pencil/ pen on newsprint paper, 40X50cm

**** Let me mention briefly the purpose of this SKYWEB Site:  1) to introduce my art work to the uninitiated internationally and 2) to be informative and educational concerning Native peoples of north America. Being sensitive and politically correct is NOT a prerequisite to Native peoples issues when presenting alternative points of view. It's my wish to entertain through my writings and offer another way of looking at the world with a smile.****

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A fact: I came into the biz of art and acting and writing via watching and listening to too many damn non-Indians giving me a false  sense of Native peoples' identity. Deciding that Smith and Jones (and Wesson) have spoken long enough for my "Indianness" I took upon myself to change what I could about first and foremost the perception of who I am as a Native person. I have been called "Chief" for so long in my life that I am beginning to believe I am a chief. Just kidding!!

* The following editorial was going to be short and to the point! Then it grew into a monster and started walking all over the world. But this was long before you and I were born. Therefore this ed will be continued on a weekly installment. Comments are welcome and I am not here to censor anyone's opinion or language. So parents and teachers forewarn young people there is a PG rating in the coming weeks on this Indian mascot issue.

Often controversy must be created to wake people up. The past French 2002 presidential elections proved this. And we all know what happened in USA 2000 presidential elections!

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IceT rapper and actor appears on Conan O'Brien late nite talk show wearing a Cleveland Indian baseball cap with an Indian mascot.

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Bill Walton, former NBA player, now NBC analyst, wears a colorful "kitsch" war bonnet in a photo from his road trip, "Love it Live" NBA tour (see above).

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