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Organizing Information & Logical Presentation



Don’t Be Afraid to Work “Backwards”


It can be very effective to write a rough draft of your paper first and then go back and add a thesis, transitions, and topic sentences.  Once you have your basic ideas down, you are better able to rearrange your material and polish the presentation of those ideas.



Paraphrase Yourself


2.     For each paragraph, ask yourself, "What am I trying to say?" 

2.     Put the main point of each paragraph into a single sentence. 

3.     Tie the information from the previous paragraph into that single sentence.  (A prepositional phrase at the beginning of the sentence is one way to do this.)  This new sentence will be a good rough draft topic sentence.

4.     Take each topic sentence and condense it into a word or short phrase.

5.     Use these words and phrases to construct a rough draft of your thesis statement.




Make an Outline


1.     Use the paraphrasing techniques above to create an informal outline.

2.     Look at the order of your information.

a.      How are these ideas connected?

b.     Are closely related points next to each other?

3.     If you need to, rearrange the information so that new ideas build on previous, related material.