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Mermaid Model Figurehead

More than a year ago I was commissioned  by some eccentric  old Earl

(he actually lived in one of those old castles with a moat),  in England
to carve a ship's figurehead. He paid a deposit and I started right away carving a desk-top model mermaid figurehead.

During the first few weeks I emailed him as to discuss some details of the carving......there was no reply.

I emailed him and tried other means of contact on numerous occasions within the course of a year, but still no reply. My agreement by then after a few months, had expired with him and I was left with an unfinished desk-top ship's figurehead model..what to do?? He had
literally disappeared. I shelved the mermaid carving and started and finished quite a few other figurehead jobs.

In these last few months, when I was carving the full-size-pirate figurehead (which is now in the Seychelle Islands), I picked up the mermaid and was somehow strangely compelled to finish her in between carving the pirate. Usually I wouldn't touch another carving until the current job was finished.

A few days ago  I finished her completely. It has taken me over a year on and off to complete.
(The mermaids dimensions are.......From tip of bowsprit to back panel.....
20" From tip of bowsprit to front of base...18"

Width of model composite...................8"

Weight of Model.................................11 lbs    

 merm9a.jpg (98809 bytes)                                                              
(98809 bytes) Click on pic to enlarge. 




merm6.jpg (67537 bytes)(67537 bytes) Click on pic to enlarge.

However, I since have been paid for nearly half of this carving (thanks to the Earl's quite strange....maybe foolish generosity who knows where  he  resides now ) and therefore  my conscience dictates and think it only fair, that I can only offer it now for 50% off my original agreed price.

Well all said and done, I'm sure it would make a wonderful showcase  on some desk or large maritime book shelf. A rare opportunity  to own a piece of this rare and dying art.

I've carved her and the bow of the ship from one piece of Island Beech timber. The base and back from Brazilian Mahogany and the bowsprit separately. In her left hand she is holding a large conch shell and in her right is a pearl.

 On the front base there is a gold plaque with the inscription....'Ship's figurehead carved by Martin Jeffery'..........
She has been treated and painted to withstand any weathers (if she was to be placed outside - heaven forbid!) and sealed with a special  UV varnish.
The mahogany is polished with pure bees wax.
This is a folk art and I have carved her all by hand, no machinery . Many many hours and weeks  of work.

Please contact me if interested for price and insured air shipping -  anywhere in the world.

Fair winds.......Martin Jeffery