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Halsoft VP


(Excite Private Messenger Chat-  EPMC)

The Palace

The Rose





Other Chats

AbsoluteChat lets you use an image as your chat room identity along with any nickname you choose, and you can upload a personal icon from anywhere on the Web.
Turn any picture into a buddy icon.
Chat 1 - Connecting you to the world! - A comprehensive offering of cool chat rooms. Chat 1 connects you to the world!
Speak your mind in one of this community's free chat rooms.
Chat Community
Chat Community has forums for teens, kids, college students, and adults and general forums for sports and entertainment.
Chat while you paint on a virtual wall.
Chat Machine
Meet new people with this Java-based chat app.
Chat Mode
Express yourself in this teen-oriented chat community.
CitizenX    Get your own FREE personal communication hub: streaming webcam, chatroom, guestbook, weblog & more... 
This Shockwave-based chat lets you choose a nickname and an icon in any number of color combinations. Chat
Enter a nickname to begin discussing global events with people around the world in the General News Chat Room.
CoolChat IRC Network
Join others in a chat or start your very own room.
Cuddlefish Chat
This community offers Java-based chat and allows you to choose a nickname and instantly begin talking with people from all over the world.
E Online Chat Room
Where better to talk about last night's "Will and Grace" episode? Register to chat about the world of entertainment with fans across the globe. Chat
Click on a sport to chat with other fans.


Voice Chat & Pal   Use Eyeball Chat to instantly see and talk to friends and colleagues on the Internet.

Fool Moon Family Community
Join free, family-oriented, moderated chat rooms and message boards to chat, meet others, exchange ideas, and play games online.
Funky Chat
Meet other people from around the world.
GalaxyNet Chat
Chat in a network that boasts more than 18,000 users.
ICQ Webbie
Contact your ICQ buddies from any computer, anywhere, directly from your browser.
Lycos Chat
Browse a list of topics to find a chat room on something that interests you.
Magnetic Corporation Chat Machine
Go directly to any chat room by entering your nickname.
Matica Chat
Chat while you play games with others online.
When you sign up, tell em Buns recommended you!

Once you've loaded their chat browser, you can create your own personal 3D house where your avatar friends can drop by for a visit to exchange messages, again all in real time. I found it a fun way of messaging..."
BBC World Online, 01/01

NBCi Chat
Browse topic-specific chat rooms or participate in scheduled weekly chat events.
Register to chat and meet new people from all over the world.
MSN Chat
Find a chat room that suits your interests or create your own among chat rooms on a variety of topics, including age, lifestyle, and city-specific chats.
Discuss the day's news with other MSNBC viewers. Chat
Talk about popular bands with fellow fans.
NeonTeen Chat
Chat with teens from all over the world.
Create custom avatars and make your own graphical chat rooms.

OpenVerse similar to other graphical chat systems like Excite Chat and Microsoft Chat with the main differences being that our OpenVerse is open source software, has no advertisements, and also runs on a variety of systems including Windows, Unix, Macintosh, and just about anything else for which you can find a copy of TCL/TK

QuickSilver Messenger
Get an instant messenger without the download.
Enter an all-users chat room or create your own.
Join a chat community that allows you to open your own channels, participate in private dialogues, and play games.
Talk City
Join an online community with "neighborhoods" that specialize in certain interests.
The Active World

The Active Worlds Universe is home to hundreds of thousands of users that chat and build 3D worlds in millions of kilometers of virtual territory. Take a quick look at some of our satellite maps, you'll be so amazed at how vast our virtual reality worlds are that you'll wanna download the free software, and come check us out for yourself!

In Active Worlds you can:Shop online in our own 3D virtual reality mall and chat with store clerks

Explore over 1000 unique virtual worlds

Build your own 3Dvirtual reality home on the Internet

Make new friends and chat with people from all over the world

Play interactive 2D and 3D games

Choose from a vast range of avatar identities and  chat with other avatars

The Dark Nagga Oasis Chat Room
Express yourself in a chat room that offers features such as private rooms and message boards.
The Palace
You may be able to still go to The Palace if you have already downloaded it.....Help Pages
ThirdAge Chat
Chat with your peers in this chat forum for adults in their mid-40s through 50s.
Uticasoft Live Chat
Sign up as a registered member and reserve the screen name of your choice or just enter a temporary nickname to start chatting right away.
iVillage Chat Central
This family-oriented forum offers chat rooms for parents and hopeful parents as well as scheduled chat discussions with experts on parenting.
Virtual Gamer
Virtual Irish Pub
Virtual Zones
World's Com
Join us online in our 3D worlds for games, contests, poetry readings and more!
Yahoo Chat
Pick a topic to chat about or participate in live discussions with celebrities and other special guests
This chat community offers several all-ages rooms, as well as some restricted-access adult chats.