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My Art

This section is for all my art, well most of it anyways. I'm not taking anymore requests right now, as I am having trouble getting the ones I've been putting off for a while now done. I'm also very busy with school. Some of these pictures I did at school, usually near the top of the list, on lined paper. I'm not bothering with thumbnails anymore, because they're too much work, and I'll probably be getting rid of the ones on this page completely one of these days. And keep in mind I don't update very often, so don't be expecting this page to change much for a while.

Above is the most recent picture of Sammie.

Lucille A bunny character I made up (pencil color).

Ginny A kitty character I made up (pencil color).

Noriko Another kitty character I made up (pencil color).

Min Mai A panda character I made up (pencil color).

Eurydice's Folly. A request. The paper is oogly on the computer. (Pencil coloured)

Tarquin, my friend. I coloured it too quickly. (Pencil coloured)

A picture of Sammie. Boy do I draw myself a lot. (Pencil coloured)

A pretty furre without a name. She's opally. I so proud.(Pencil colored)

A pretty furre without a name. She's opally. I so proud.(Pencil colored)

My half of an art swap with Kestrel. (Pencil colored)

An older pic of Sammie(Pencil colored)

A doodle of all the ff8 chars >:D Hehehehe.. ^.^(Pencil colored)

Zidane from ff9. He's doing the chicken dance! Hurrah!(Pencil colored)

Another alt of mine, Amelia StoneClaw. (Pencil colored)

Sammie :) Looks evil huh? (Pencil colored)

Mythestra. My boss and good friend, owner of Furre Pit ^-^ (Computer Colored)

Ashley Sunmane. A request thingymafoo. Heehee. (Pencil colored)

A commission by Sapphire. Hehe rock on! ^-^ (Pencil colored)

IcedTear. Colored this on the computer. Hehe, I like it actually ^-^(Computer Color)

Sammie, me. :P I like how it turned out. My first computer colored picture :) (Computer Color)

Ashido ^-^ He does super-cute furry drawings, he's so cooool :P Anyways I owe him this picture tho he didn't ask for it, 'cuz he drew an alt of mine, you can get to it by going to the friend's art page. I redid this one for those who saw the older and suckier one. :P (pencil)

Yuusa, a rabbit. I just volunteered to draw her when two others did at the same time :P (comp color and pencil)

Magic Cat, my paaaal, in this picture it shows her as her furre form and her dragon form. Kinda like the one of Sapphire. (watercolor)

Sapphire, a friend of mine, is a dragon. In this picture it shows her in her furre-like form and also in her completly dragon form. (watercolor)

Rose Elyn. A squirrel alt of mine I am rather proud of, mostly cos of this pic >:P Here she is lugging her sack of provisions and junk to her place down the hill, the hill is much bigger than it looks, and the house is too ;P despite the house I really like how this turned out. (pencil color)

A sad lonely skunk. (B+W charcoal)
A feline stranded in the middle of the ocean on a rock.. Excuse the nudity.. nothing shows. (pencil)

A feline schoolgirl on spring break. (Pencil color)

I love the way this turned out. Itís a koala! Heeh. (Pencil color)

IcedFyre having a nice day at the beach. (Pencil color)

Me running for my dear life from a starfish I caught :P (pencil)

A picture of Merle when she wasn't a lemur(B+W)

Dwindlin! Huay Huay!

Just a weird dragon I drew, nobody in partcular (B+W)

IcedTear and her hubby, Kibbles. (B+W)

A recently awakened furre regaining yesterday's braincells. Hehe. (Pencil)

I donno why I did this.. and even more confusing.. why did I put it up on my site? Just a weird rose. (B+W)

Dwindlin and BrightSkyee's loverly wedding. Myw's there too :p (Pencil)

BrightSkyee in weird clothes.. looking as if a picture she just drew looks almost equally weird. (computer colored)

Tylissa Byrd and Eriku. One of my first requests. (blue and red O.o)

A birthday gift for Catreena, it's kinda strange, and I wish I colored it in pencil crayons.. (comp. color)

A faerie thing. Non-furry style (Pencil color)

Sort of a request. It's on lined paper, but that's all I had at the time.. (pencil)

Hoshi.. something.. actually I haven't been on furc much recently and my old website's gone, so I tend to forget things.. anyways, the sword thing.. turned out horrible, at the time I had no clue what a katana looked like.. this was my side of a swap, not sure if she's done me yet.. (pencil color)

Kapue Darkwater, haven't seen her around much lately, but I haven't been around much either :P (pencil)

An alt I used to have that was a rhino-mouse.. Her name was KD A. Ketchup.. O.o (B + W)

Myw-Myw.. this is an earlier picture I did, I like how it turned out except for the ears (Pencil)

A pixie cat named Rinsi J. or something.. (pencil color)

Hehe. Bright napping on a big tree in S.E.P.M. Headquarters.. I shoulda put this one in the Adventures of Mighty Brightie section, but oh well :P(pencil color)

A strange super-hero type furre.. uhm.. I donno what to name her, but the skunk is her assistant, might name him Ben.. or maybe it could be a she.. and have the name Dot.. hmmmmmm (pencil color)

IcedTear in a pretty princess gown (pencil color)

Heero Yuy and his friend. I forgot her name (well SAAAAAAAARRY!) like I always do with names, but anyways, I don't feel too obliged to this guy 'cuz he killed me in Chamelot one time.. >:/ (pencil)

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