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Ice Rose Poetry

Hi. This is my web site of poetry. I only recently finished building it so please tell me about problems or typos. Just so you can decide if you like my writing style I have created a random sampling of my poetry. Below are links to the rest of the site.

The Hunter In Me




Inside myself

these things I see.

Behind the bright blinds

of my eyes.

A dark sickness lies.

Black as a starless night.

Silent as a cat.

It stalks me now,

waiting to kill

my personality, my emotions, my happiness.

Cold as death.

Cunning as sleep

It hunts my emotions deep.

I have seen It

from time to time.

I see my greatest fears,

masked by my greatest joys

when I see It.

I know what gives it life.

Itís source is my finest joy,

and my greatest sorrow,

which are one and the same.

I cannot bear to lose Itís source,

but I cannot live with It in me.

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