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Ice Rose Poetry

Hi. This is my web site of poetry. I only recently finished building it so please tell me about problems or typos. Just so you can decide if you like my writing style I have created a random sampling of my poetry. Below are links to the rest of the site.

Pulled From the Edge

I see the void.

Swirling blackness.

A sweet voice calls from the velvet depths:

"Come to us. Enter the Pit of Despair."

I see figures, now, in gossamer robes of black, in the Pit.

"Sleep the Eternal Sleep with us," they say.

The knifes edge gleams.

"Yes," they cry.

I see the blade as in a dream.

I see the land around the pit.

Desolate. Empty. Worthless.

These are the Lands of Life.

Nothing here. Joyless lands.

Nothing for me here.

I look into the Pit again.

The end of all my troubles.

The end of all my fears.

The knife drifts closer.

My heart pounds in anticipation.

Or is it fear?

I look one last time at the Lands of Life.

Figures in white appear.

I recognize them. They are my friends.

Their faces beseech me. Their voices call me.

My resolve slips.

The knife moves away.

I move to my friends and they embrace me.

The have pulled me from the edge of the Pit.

The knife returns to the drawer.

All is well.

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