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Ice Rose Poetry

Hi. This is my web site of poetry. I only recently finished building it so please tell me about problems or typos. Just so you can decide if you like my writing style I have created a random sampling of my poetry. Below are links to the rest of the site.

Inspiration on a Starlit Night

As I stand in a snowy starlit field,

I see a shadow cast.

It shutters out the beauty of the glistening snow.

I hate this shadow, destroyer of beauty.

I turn from it in scorn.

"Beauty should be unmarred" I think.

I stand in the radiance of the stars.

I look back at the shadow.

The soft, velvet darkness of it,

so like the black fabric to which the stars are sewn.

The shadow creates itís own beauty

and makes the glistening snow seem even brighter.

"What could create such a thing?" I wonder.

I follow the shadow to itís source:


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