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Ice Rose Poetry

Hi. This is my web site of poetry. I only recently finished building it so please tell me about problems or typos. Just so you can decide if you like my writing style I have created a random sampling of my poetry. Below are links to the rest of the site.

Behind All Dreams

There is always more before
than there is behind.
And yet we never find the time
to do the things we wish to do.

All that is before us
we see with shining eyes.
All that we never did
we look upon and cry.

Bright idealism,
urging us on to all we want to do,
fades before reality
and all our responsibility.

There are many things
I wish to do
yet I never
see them through.

For I know that behind each dream
lies reality, which tells me
beyond all doubt
"It is nothing but a dream."

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