I decided to throw this together because I think these test are kinda nifty. Here are my test results:oh I need to get more detailed stuff up but that will take a couple days since I need to retake the tests to get the whole answer, I only had the basics written down.

15% Pure
2% are less pure 0% like me 98% more pure
I will have 3 children, I am not pregnant.
74% slut
sluttier than 94% of the world, cleaner than 6% 0%Isame,
71% greedy
I will die on: March 27, 2048 at the age of 68 years old.
33% stressed
Sparkmatch also thinks I am a man on the gender test. 75% Un-telligent! "You are a smooth chick."
I will sleep with: 48 people!
Including the 16 you've already had sex with, that makes 32 new lovers!
The info on your 32 future sex partner(s):
17 of them will be female
15 of them will be male
And you will actually love 1 of them!
I will make my first million at age 34.
106,000 being a star.
$270,000 through lucrative nerd-ism, like me, Bill Gates.
$102,000 criminal mischief.
$211,000 working 9 to 5.
$264,000 'working' between the sheets.
$47,000 odd-jobs for the Pope