Trip to San Diego

Okay, I am going to start putting these up, this is only some of the pictures, there are more to come as I get them. You notice they are all me? Well, as usual I am slow to get pictures online, these are ones Geoffrey sent me.



I am thinking what better than pictures of us both at a friendship garden?


This would be me at the Japanese friendship garden.


This is me at the same garden under a tree(starting to get a small sunburn)


This is on the first day at a pretty little beach. I think we were both nervouse still.


Another beach picture.


Sleeping that morning.


On a trail near Geoffrey's house.


Hmm.. Really sun burned here..Can you tell? You should have seen me by the end of the day.


More of San Diego on that trail by his house.


I thought I would end it by a picture taken at the last day of us together.