My Religion...

She takes a deep breath, letting it course throughout her body. Waiting nervous, afraid to exhale. At last, she exhales, and with it comes a long slurry of words. She knows you will never look at her the same again. You may never accept her as you once did.

As of late, people have been asking me time and time again what my religious preference is. I always dodge out of the way saying something like, "I beleive all religions are right in their own way." Why do I do this? I will tell you..I will.

I do believe that. Every religion has a valuable lesson to teach. Every single one. Even the shady ones. Everyone is aiming towards the same thing. Enlightenment of some form. It is just finding your religion. The one that compliments your soul, the one that is you. Most people in this day and age, they choose a common religion, it fits them, they are modern people, with modern souls.

I have never fit one of those. I am not Catholic, Christian, Mormon, Hindu or even Buddhist. I cringe at the accusation of new age, and feel weak at being called wiccan. I am none of these. I cannot hold it against people for mis labeling me. I had told her I would never push my beliefs on people..I guess I have gone beyound and I never tell my beliefs. I have a heart, my heart belongs to her..I love her. She has always been there. Guiding me teaching me, looking over me. She speaks to me often. I know she is real. I am lucky. I am lucky because most people don't get to work so close with the entitity of their calling, my calling however is one that I have been a part of for a long time. Many lives before this one. I have always stayed faithful and always will. I have been gifted with the memories of other lives.. She tells me this. She tells me I am to remember forever so that the memory of her can live on in my heart well past the hearts of others.

Me? I speak of a she. That could be anyone, I am honestly afraid to mutter her name as you would know it. I am afraid because I have seen the way that people react to these words. I have lived this life, I have said the words. I have also said them before. In other lives. Once, a long long time ago., I was chased down and murdered for those words. I know it will not happen here. But I have as a young teenager, been surrounded by a circle of christians roughly pushing me around telling me to repent.. The things like that make it hard to say. I am proud of her and love her, but I live in fear of the outside world.

She has told me she has been around, under different names for a long time. The name I know her best as, the name I first met her under..Well, the English version anyways(the one you would know) Is Isis..She is my mother, my sister, my friend, me, and my higher power. Yes I say me, because she is very much a part of me. More than anything else I have ever known. I said earlier, I will not push my beliefs on people. I won't. I never will. Everyone has their own calling. I leave it at this. I hope that you can find it still in your heart to accept me as the person you knew before reading this. I am still the same person. You only know me better now.