Picture Gallery

This is Raven. She is my Daughter.
She is four years old and I am so proud of her.



This is my Jowie. Doesn't he look studly?
(Joke on his suit) never wears one.
~Jowie's Site~



This is my other baby, can't see the whole thing. But hey!
Look at what the evil Microsoft parking lot does to cars!


This is me. The sun was shining in my eyes
so I kinda am squinting. As a Washintonian,
my eyes don't adjust well to that strange round thing in the sky.


This is Geoffrey. He is my closest friend.
His friendship means the world to me and
I hope that I can keep it for years to come.
~Geoffrey's Site~


This is another picture of me. It is
taken in the woods at my moms house at
a place I am particularly found of.


This is Flood. She is a good friend of mine.
My ebony Goddess. She is much like me in many ways,
so of course she is someone I really appreciate.


Hmmm. this is Ranier. Someone I met
when I worked at Wizards of the coast, He is a cool kid.
Although he likes to go by Trowa Barton. For any of you anime fans.


This is Ducky. He is a friend of Jowie's
He is cool, so I put him here.
~Ducky's Site~


This is Dave. He is a cool friend I met through Icq.
Although I don't see him nearly enough. Hi Dave!


This is my cousin not so cousin Rusty.
Our mothers are like sisters and we grew up together.
I don't think I found out we weren't cousins until junior high.
~Russ's Site~


This is my kitty Hogger. She passed
away a couple years ago, but she still means alot to
me. She will live on in my memories forever.