My Astrological Data

My Birthdate: Decemeber 08 1979-1:34 a.m. Seattle WA. USA

Moon in Leo
The Moon is how you respond emotionally.

Your astrological positions confer upon you a splendid combination. You have a gift for perceiving complex ideas as one concept, for reducing multiple problems to one workable unity. You exude power and energy and are warmed by the attention and admiration of others. Either your passionate or spiritual side will be awakened, lending you the ability to foresee the future.

Your affections are boundless, and your heart can go out to many without diffusing your emotions. You are magnanimous and loyal.

In whatever area you rest your interest, you will assume a position of leadership.

You have a love of luxury and pleasures, leaning at times to self-indulgence. The key to a more harmonious self lies in subduing your imagination and allowing more practical tendencies to flow through your personality.



Saturn in Virgo


You quest after perfection, and your nose for detail makes you capable of excellence. Such a fine sensibility also endows you with the ability to discern and appreciate excellence in others' efforts and works. To witness a virtuoso performance can send you into paroxysms of ecstasy.

The Universe calls you to give yourself in service, and to discover sheer joy in the effort alone. You really appreciate it when anything in life is executed in a way that demonstrates the injection of gray matter. Whether it's a well-thought-out airport floor plan or a brilliant violin performance, a command of detail can't help but earn your respect.


Just as your exquisite nose for detail enables you to appreciate when something's really good, it also triggers judgmental tendencies when something is really bad ... or just mediocre ... or just good but not great. Your ability to dissect things down to the molecular level can be, ... well, ... unpleasant.

Because your criticism can be withering, you can sap the wind from the most enthusiastic sails -- and make others seek friendlier waters. And because your dissecting blade is always double-edged, your own inner critic can tear you up inside and leave you terrified of being anything less than perfect. Your challenge, then, is to ease up. Allow yourself and others to be human.

Jupiter in Virgo

The key to personal growth lies in your astrological chart. Discover how you can realize your greatest potential!

The person with Jupiter in Virgo possesses the key to excellence -- an acute appreciation of detail. You can look at a product or project and immediately identify how it can be tweaked to perfection. A 4.0 grade point average seems puny to you. There must be more.

This placement can bring a tendency to focus on what's wrong with something or someone, including yourself. Be mindful of when your nose for detail lures you into perfectionism or judgmental disapproval. You can always see what can be improved. You reap the greatest benefits by emphasizing what works and defining ideal goals from a positive outlook.

Order, hygiene, and steady diligence contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Gentle discipline ensures the success of your aspirations. With Jupiter in health-ruling Virgo, you have the ability to convey these values to close intimates and the world at large.

Above all else, you exercise your greatest growth potential by being of service to others. Friends and relatives love to have you as a guest because you leave their rooms, homes, and premises in better shape than they were before you arrived. This principle applies on a global level -- Jupiter in Virgo natives have the power to leave this world a better place because they were in it. You can be a leader in environmental movements and ecological preservation. Generations of plants, animals, and human beings may have you to thank for their ongoing ability to thrive.

Uranus in Scorpio

The key to individuality lies in your astrological chart. Discover how your inner rebel distinguishes you from the plodding crowd and spurs you on, to make your mark!


This Uranus placement combines a taste for rebellion with the Scorpionic drive for power on a mass level. A great passion for justice and your hypnotic appeal enables you to mobilize groups -- indeed armies -- to upset the established order, especially where oppression prevails.


Of such compelling stuff are great freedom fighters made -- but so too are evil dictators, ... the Charles Mansons and Jim Jones' of history's underside. To remain on the side of the truly good and righteous, the Uranus in Scorpio native must connect with a source of spiritual nourishment, to feed his or her hunger for things mystical.

If your spirituality leads you into anything but genuine humility, alarms should sound that you've ventured over the boundary into the Dark Side. Note the emphasis on the word, "genuine." Too much humility -- to the point of attention-getting self-deprivation -- can simply be the other side of the same coin of pride. Before you lead any hunger strikes, make sure the cause -- not your ego -- is the true driving force.


A personal relationship with a higher power endows you with a healthy sense of the natural order and your humble place within it. Develop a personal theology, philosophy, or spirituality. That will serve you better than lighter fascinations with magic, trickery, or political manipulation.

You want to believe in your own energy and power. To do this, you must constantly check your intentions. Never elevate yourself above the cause or values you embrace. Change and transformation always lie across your path, and you can raise humanity to new and higher levels. You must work hard, however, to keep your heart true and pure. Others will naturally follow your inspiring example.

Neptune in Sagittarius

The key to spiritual growth lies in your astrological chart. Discover how you can realize your greatest potential!

For the Neptune in Sagittarius native, the meaning of life may lie hidden in theoretical ramblings about the Big Bang, galactic structure, and the divine. Somewhere along the line, however, you must stop being so philosophical and take an actual journey yourself.

Speculating about what enlightenment is like does not make you enlightened. Your cellular memory seeks input. Go for the ride. Real life experiences set you on your path to spiritual growth. The resulting awareness creates the bearings and sense of direction you need. You cannot tell whether you will like something until you experience it.

Know what your theories are. When you pass along the inspirations that are so dear to your heart, make it clear whether you actually know or are merely speculating. Teach the wisdom of your experience. For the rest, seek out evolved masters to mentor you.

Truth is an illusive thing. You have your own truth, and others have theirs. One does not invalidate the other. Speak your truth with attentive ears. Show what you know.

Pluto in Libra

Your ability to impact the world lies in your astrological chart. Reflecting the position of planet Pluto at the time of your birth, your Pluto Sign can be different from your Sun Sign. For example, a Taurus can have Pluto in Gemini. Discover how you can realize your greatest potential!

Arbitration, diplomacy, and peace ought to be keys, or so you think. Maybe peace on a large scale cannot occur until it first comes on the smaller scale -- inner peace must come first. That peace occurs without the benefit of bonding to or borrowing from another person's energy, light, spirit, or billfold.

You seek your own contentment first. Priding yourself on your individuality, independence, and freedom from the gravity of life, you contrast yourself to the status quo. Though Libra represents beauty and harmony, consider the discordance and aesthetics your generation finds appealing.

The final question is this: Do you feel good, full, and at one with all that exists? If your answer is yes, then share your experience in the interest of creating balance. If your answer is no, then strive to ease your own pressures, thus restoring the beauty and peace that naturally want to follow you in all ways.

Mercury in Scorpio

The key to self expression is in your astrological chart. Learn the best way to express yourself, and get what you’ve always wanted in love, career, and life in general!

HOW YOU THINK AND COMMUNICATE Pure intellectual processes come slowly to Mercury in Scorpio, but once you grasp a fact or concept, it remains forever etched in your memory. You have an uncanny -- almost psychic -- ability to just know things. Plus, you express yourself in a way that is positively hypnotic to other people. Your ability to project utterly magnetic aura around yourself attracts others and is compellingly persuasive.

Placement in mystical Scorpio forces Mercury's mental workings to a subconscious level. While you're washing the dishes or paying your bills, your lower brain is busy sorting through entirely different matters. Here's a handy trick for Scorpio students! When a matter stumps or confuses you, walk away from it and do something else. When you come back, you'll have the "Ah ha!" experience. The concepts just sort themselves and become miraculously easy to understand and retain.

HOW OTHERS REACT Mercury in Scorpio natives rarely say anything that is not previewed, calculated, and positioned for maximum emotional impact. The cosmos groomed you to play devil's advocate, and you may derive delicious pleasure from getting under someone's skin. Sure it's fun, but it might also cause others to clam up.

YOUR COMMUNICATION CHALLENGE Communication can falter if the free exchange of ideas turns into a power play. Some people thrive on this kind of exchange. Others may wither, especially if they sense that you're gathering up their words as ammunition. Although you may probe relentlessly to get to the truth, you fiercely protect yourself from intrusions on your privacy. Because disclosing personal information makes you feel so vulnerable, you are wise to mind your own glass house.

HOW YOU CAN CONNECT You have an inquisitive temperament, one focused on probing and researching. You amaze others with your rapier wit, fast mind, and clever coinages. You can elicit deeply personal information because you're so good at putting others at ease and winning their trust. Mercury in Scorpio natives make excellent detectives, gossip columnists, investigative reporters, and confession priests. Lovers and mates attest to how easy and exciting it is to talk to you. No wonder -- as the master of the deep conversation, you have the talent of making others feel like they're the only ones privy to your delicious secrets.

Venus in Capricorn

The key to your attraction factor lies in your astrological chart. Discover how to make your charms work for you in love and romance! The one thing that Venus in Capricorn needs before she can share her intimate side is total commitment. Though she's capable of maintaining a stable relationship without it, to experience true emotional happiness and joy in life she must have that deeper aspect of love.

Sometimes this lady builds her walls too high. She may feel it's a sign of weakness to need love and attention. She may feel that she has to do things and reach the heights of achievement in order to earn what she needs. In that case, she'll attract partners who show her the arid expanses of life without unconditional love. Venus in this placement is highly skeptical of love and romance. She finds it extremely difficult to trust another and be open and vulnerable.

Until she's willing to love someone enough to trust -- or trust someone enough to love -- she'll keep attracting relationships that keep her painfully detached from her emotional center. The pain is a cosmic blessing, however, because it forces her to confront the reality that she doesn't trust herself. That realization hands her the key to happiness -- the Venus in Capricorn woman needs to love herself enough to take a chance. The only way to learn to trust is by trusting.

Once that change has occurred, the mature Venus in Capricorn woman will begin to draw lovers and friends who fill her heart and soul with color and joy. She can get to the ultimately playful and fun-loving roots of Capricorn -- the part of her that knows that she doesn't have to do anything. She can just be -- and be loved. The good news is that Venus in Capricorn has the tenacity and staying power to never give up until she triumphs. Her innate sense of rhythm, rhyme, reason -- and that delightful dry humor -- will buoy her up, until she reaches her goal of a passionate love that lasts forever.

Mars in Virgo

The key to your sex appeal lies in your astrological chart. Learn what it is that makes you sexy and fuels your passion!

Women with Mars in Virgo thrive on reassurance about their good looks and competence. Some rate reassurance so high on the scale for potential partners that they confuse courting behavior with character. They may feel shocked and betrayed if the ego strokes slow to a trickle. To capture your Virgo Mars woman, help her find value in herself. She is more analytical than she looks; she'll learn quickly and appreciate her teacher.

Don't buy that malarkey about Virgo's virginal nature. That is, she is virginal in the sense that no lover can ever fully possess her. And this aspect of her character tends to keep partners forever in pursuit. The thrill of the chase lasts for the life of a relationship with the Mars-in-Virgo woman.

Mars in Virgo confers a perfectly healthy sex drive, as is true for any earth-sign placement of Mars. Lovers enjoy her combination of discretion, propriety, and earthiness. With this woman, there is a time and a place for everything -- and that means everything. This woman will not give up easily -- on you, or on your relationship.

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