Week of December 27, 2001


Acupuncturist Susan Meyer regularly rises before dawn to kayak meditatively around San Francisco Bay as she chants her prayers. On a recent outing, a migratory whale joined her, swimming along a few feet away. Though frightened at first, she continued chanting. The huge beast accompanied her gently until she paddled back to the beach. To Susan's delight, the same ritual unfolded on each of the next 13 mornings. The whale became a companion with whom she shared her divine invocations. Ever since this numinous interlude, Susan's ability to diagnose her patients' health problems has risen to a higher octave of intuitive precision. It's as if her healing skills have been augmented by a deep-sea intelligence. I invoke this story, Aries, to inspire you on a quest for your own animal ally in 2002. The time is ripe..