Meeting Geoffrey
I am back from San Diego. I have been thinking long and hard how to describe my trip it is difficult so I will just start writing. This will be long. As I have been thinking I have re written this so many times. Geoffrey says I should start at the airport, I think I should start before then. Here I go.

night before I had everything packed and ready, I had even managed to make myself tired by 10 pm. , Raven however was very agumentave of it. for a long time I had her laying down and she just would not sleep. I guess it was a long night, by the time I could lay down it was already around 2 am , I had to get up at four and ended up just laying in bed thinking until the alarm went off.

Morning of flightI get up and shower/ dress, I am all ready an hour early so I decide to put cold teabags on my eyes to try to hide the fact that I didnt sleep.(you know when you dont sleep and it gets a little darker under your eyes?)That helped a little, driving to the airport, it was a day of many wrecks, there was a lot of traffic, but somehow we managed to get there after it cleared up for every wreck completely smooth driving, fastest trip to Seattle I have ever taken. I got to the airport about three hours early. When I was checking in, the basket I was bringing for a thank you was nocked over and the packaging torn. Devastating, I felt so bad, nothing I could do though, I simply opened it up, straigtened everything and tried to hide the hole. Well, waiting for the plain was boring really, the only siginificant thing was that there was a handicapped teenager..A little annoying., but I just tried ignoring him. On the flight I had a middle seat towards the front. On one side of me was a lady, German or something who was very kind, though she was disabled and needed help with adjusting the fans and such, I diddnt mind, to the other side was a lady that did pr for Microsoft., I think for the x box. They were both nice. Okay. Nerve wrecking flight.. We land in san diego.

I am getting off the plain I look areound there are so many people! I look to the left, I don't see him, I look to the right, not there either. I am wondering if he was late., But ahead after the people in front of me clear up, I can see him sitting there. He looks so scared. It is Geoffrey. The first thing I can think of him, is that he looks much better in person than on his pictures..He sees me, he looks down and grabs his bag, then stands up..I think he is very nervous. I greet him, he takes the basket and we just start walking., He is very uncomfortable, I can tell. He leads me out, we go across a sky bridge down an elevator and outside. The parking is outdoors there..A little shocking to me. He has lost his car! We walk around a little finally finding it., Put the stuff in and go. I am so hot. I can't believe how hot it is.

First stop, Geoffrey's house. As we drive to his house, I see numerous sites that I have had in my dreams for years. I know that this meeting is not going to be a casual thing. It is a life changing experience. As we near his house, we are in the most peaceful beautiful neighborhood, I am more comfortable than I have been in years. We do reach his home, It is very nice. When going in only his younger sister is there, I do meet her. Her name is Tina. She is nice. I immediatly change my cloths into the least hot thing I packed. Well this is turning long. I will be less descriptive. On the first day, we went to a pretty beach walking for a long time. The longer I was with Geoffrey, the more comfortable I was. I felt complete.. All the tension in me started to just go away. He also showed me a nearby park and the last house he had live din, we walked around his neighborhood, eventually going back to his house. Oh yeah partway through the day we ended up at his parents store running an errand for his mom. okay dinnertime. Hah!

We went for dinner with both his sisters and his mom. We went for chinese food, boy was I an outsider! They were all talking in cantonese and I was the only white person in the restaurant. I felt like everyone there was staring at me. Dinner was uncomfortable. There was alot of food I had no idea what it was and his mom, well she got down on me for being allergic to seafood. I think maybe because I have never had them do the test with the needles to identify allergies.. I dont know, it seemed like she was saying I wasn't allergic, just that I didnt like it. I hate it when people do that. Okay. Other things. I learned how to make a chopstick stand from the paper they are kept in. Also, the food was goo. Although alot was hard to eat. I had my problem, I was in front of all these asian people, I got nervous. I always do.. Remembering eating dinner with Jowie and his mom, it was the same. Pushing forks at me.. I wish that people would give me credit for trying and stop doing that. It's so rude and embarrassing. I have not used chopsticks all my life.. They should think back to when they were younger and still getting used to it. Okay (stop ranting on that one) His dad joined in later in the evening. Overall I did like his family. Although I was definatly an outsider.

That night we went back and talked for a long time. I was .. well . It's hard to explain. I am still very cautious., But I am starting to kinda see what is ahead of me more clearly. I think that all that has happened, it is definatly there for a reason, I have a definate future with Geoffrey..Have to see what that future is. Hmm. I did hold his hand though. I know it sounds like nothing, but right now to me., that is alot. And the same for him.

Saturday Got up in the morning, around 8 am. We sat around and talked for a while, an hour then I got up and got dressed. We went out to I hop for breakfast, the service was terrible.The whole day.. Lets see. We took his sister with us. We went to balboa park. That was neat, there was alot of neat stuff, I took pictures. so did he. There was a museum there. The lady thought he was a minor. He got in for half price..hah! and we saw, a disply for the inquisition.(those bastard inquisitionors!)Then we went to the big museum which had a display for ancient egypt! There were mummies and everything. It was kinda cool, I got a little chance to show off my knowledge. Although it saddened me to see all the graves that were desicrated for that.

We also went to the San Diego zoo. We went on a ride on a tour bus and saw some animals. We had split up with his sister. It was neat..Anyways, at this point we were holding hands like a regular couple.. Although we didnt in front of little sister. We met up with her and went out for dinner. Ended up getting Pho. I had the chicken pho and it was actually good. I kept dropping the noodles though, it is hard to eat. We went back to the zoo to see it in the evening when the lights are on and the performers are out. Geoffrey and I saw a performance of Chinese acrobats, that was incredible! I am in awe.

After it was over we went back to his house. We sat up and talked for a long time, about the day, and the things that were happening what they meant. By this time, I was impresded enough by Geoffrey and the people there.( The people are so nice) That I had decided to move there. oh- Yeah halfway throught the day I got used to the heat.- I am not going to write all we talked about, just that it had very significant meaning to me. I am glad for the experiences I had prior to meeting him, I think they got me ready. Made me grow up some. But I do feel bad for all the pain I had caused to him in the past. I sometimes wonder why he would stick around me enduring that pain for so long.

Sunday We got up at 7 talked until 8 then went to a restaurant like nothing I have ever seen before. I had all sorts of new things and tried Jasmine tea for the first time. Now I have a package of jasmine tea in my tea cabinet. I liked it that much. After that he showed me around a little more.

We went to this beautiful lookeout over all of san diego. We just kinda sat on a bench talking. Mainly about , okay, what happens now? After all, we live very far away. I live near the border of Canada, he lives near the border to Mexico. I am going to give this a try. It will be difficult to pull off. I would rather move down there, but realistically it will probably be the other way around, work is better here. That would not be able to happen until Novemeber when he finishes school. So it is a long time in the making. I am going to try to pull it off though. I love San Diego, I would love to move there. We did alot of things.

After that we went to a lighthouse with a pretty view of the ocean, we also went to a waterfront park by the airport. We did so much walking! I can't believe I walked that much in just three days. When we got to the airport the flight was delayed, I got an extra hour, I was very happy for that. The goodbye was uncomfortable. He hugged me, but I didnt really know what to say or do. I just kinda got on the plain, looking back alot. I had a long flight home, or at least it seemed long. Alot to think about. Still alot to think about. I think I should let this LLOOOONNNNGGGG post end here. Overall, this was the best weekend I have ever had..I just wished it oculd have lasted longer. Oh yeah.. we watched the transformers movie..(he showed me his anime collection and I wanted to watch it)One weekend to decide something like that....Just have to go with instinct I guess.