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My life story

My mother met my father( no idea on the circumstances) well some idea., in Alaska. They were casually dating. My mom had no intention of this going serious..Oops! Now how did that happen? She conceived me. Mom was working on her career in real estate and planning to have a second child in about six months. She wanted to have artificial insemination, by either a native American or Asian man. Genius of course (do genius's really donate sperm?)

My father is a mid western junior high school drop out. Well, at least in her mind he is pure breed first generation American, Norwegian immigrant family.( yes Viking blood, rape pillage and loot) My mother and father got married, she became ill about six months into the pregnancy, causing her to go on bed rest, she was only allowed to lay on her right side and eat red meat. That gave me flaws. I have weak fingernails., hair, teeth, low immune system, allergies, and anemia. No big deal I am lucky. She was in labor for four days.! Four days! Can you believe that? I was born two weeks late. Hm...I had white hair and white skin. Hazel eyes..

By the time I was 2 and 1/2 my parents were divorced. My dad stuck around for a few years in the same state, but I didn't see him much, nor did he pay child support, my brother, mother and I spent my early years living off of a farm, we ate the food we grew and what we couldn't grow my mom traded rabbit meat and fruit to a local co-op ( for people that don't know a co-op is this thing farmers do to trade supplies and food) She had a rabbit farm, she sold rabbits to the University of Washington for experimental purposes, that paid out power mortgage and cloths at the local thrift shop. We were poor. Very poor, but happy. I went to a great school and we had lots of friends and family.

In elementary school I was an honor roll student. in second grade I took a test. One to Identify genius's to put them in a special school. I got the highest score in the class., tying with a little boy who coincidentally was born the same day as I was. Except one thing. I was deathly afraid of men. The psychologist that tested me was a big scary man. I was terrified of him. The boy. Luke? Got the scholarship. Devastating.

Shortly after My mom met a new man. Jim. He had a son and daughter, she got a job in the government. We sold the house and moved in with Jim and his kids. I was the youngest by far. The next closest to my age was 4 years older than me. Jim was a speed addict. He beat my mom up held a gun to her head and was quite mean to me too. We left.

My brother went to college and mom and I moved in with grandma in the city. By that time I was already addicted to drugs. Mom sent me to California to live with my aunt and uncle. That didn't help either. right by Hollywood, so well that place is ummmm questionable.

Eventually I came back home to the new house, A place called Grapeview., now that was a small town...A gas station post office and fire station. That's all. I went to a tiny little school with a bunch of rich kids...I was introduced to the class as that model they were warned about. Yes I went through modeling school. My mom drove a Nissan truck, not a BMW. I got beat up every day. Boys, girls, groups., They had no mercy. Mom moved me away.

She sent me to live with dad in Montana while she looked for a new house. That was not good either. My dads new wife, called me a slut.( the 12 year old virgin who had never so much as kissed a guy) and insisted I would be dropped out of school and have two children by the time I was 16. She also liked to call my mom a ditz. A ditz! My mom was invited into ,mensa! ugh..Stupid people. Bad stuff happened. Well when I was there, I did loose my virginity,. but not by choice. That was very traumatic. My drug abuse got worse.

I went to live with mom when she got a new house. We lived in this nice little mobile home on a pretty lake in the boonies. I went to a large school and made lots of friends. I met Jaime. I would have died for her, but I don't remember so much because my abuse was getting bad and allot of that time is black to me still. So lets jump ahead a year. I got kicked out of school, they found pot in my locker.

I was accepted into an alternative school. Private at the time. Guess there was something about a girl who managed a 3.8 gpa while on drugs and skipping school. They wanted to clean me up, and they did. I went to treatment, quit. came back after that and was nominated the asb president. Had allot of stuff to do.

Well, eventually my mom lost the house. So we had to move back to the other house in Grapeview. Which she had been renting out the whole time. I transferred to a very bad school. They had nothing to offer me. I had already finished their highest level of education. There was no way for me to get the credit I needed to graduate.

I had a one night stand with a friend. Pregnant at 16. decided to have the baby. We tried to make it work, but it didn't. We fought every day and I left the relationship hating every fiber of who he was.

Went into sales. was in a job making $120,000 a year.! But I quit it. I didn't like the company. It has been a struggle since then, a year ago I decided to go tech., Now I have had two jobs in the field and am in college. I guess for a 21 year old I have had a colorful life,,

and no I did not include juicy details just a basic outline..

One other thing..Jowie is great. I can see this being a lasting thing.