I can't clean my mind of these visions, visions of paradise. The breeze blowing through is only adding time. I'm drifting away from my preserve. Orange glow is an unbreakable trance. This noise, noise of paradise is only part of my vice. Freedom waits on the shore. People go underground. I bask in my light. Breaking continuosly along the line. Cool calm collection. The lowering tide of a rising ocean. Catch a glimps of the fire raging across the sky. Graduating my philosophy. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and back. Working a lift time into years. Marching throught the mush in my ears. I've found mine. Dancin like I used to. The big answer. Time. Trips. Tips. Painting a picture to bright to be seen. Wilderness. Sureal beats unleashed. Bust it. All these visions, visions of paradise are crowding my mind