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The Wiseman's Domain


"You came here for either one of two reasons. One, you are here to ask a favor of me-- however, be warned, for there is a price for power. Or, you wish to join us in the struggle to eliminate the stain of Impurity that is represented in Crystal Tokyo.

Either way, you are here, at Nemesis. Barren, isn't it? No plant life grows naturally on this erratic, black moon; if there were, it would be a miracle. Everything is just black-- the ground, the heavens above, the water.... After over three-hundred years of seeing it all, you'll get used to it.

Prince Diamond would like nothing more than to journey to the land of his ancestors' birth: Earth, the world denied to us, the home from which we were forcibly removed. The home only I remember, for I was among those banished to this miserable drifting rock long ago.

By a sick twist of fate, and due to the strange radiation of Nemesis's black sun, I alone have been granted eternal life. I alone suffered the eventual decay of my body. I alone require not the bounds of the human body-- I have transcended to the pinnacle of human evolution. I alone am the sole member of the Black Moon Family's past. I alone know of the threat that lay in Crystal Tokyo. I alone know of the demon known as Neo Queen Serenity.

And, it is also fitting that I alone know the secret of the Black Crystal. It is the key to Purifying Earth of Neo Queen Serenity's influence. It is the antithesis of the Silver Crystal. I am the antithesis of Neo Queen Serenity. The Black Moon is the antithesis of Crystal Tokyo. The war between Light and Dark has been renewed-- and I only have Neo Queen Serenity to thank for that. She Corrupted mankind in her own vision; it is time we took back what is rightfully ours: our own destiny.

Let it be known that I am the Wiseman of Nemesis. Dedicate yourself to the Cleansing of mankind, or die."


4/19/02: General cleanup. Some of the pictures may be missing.

11/19/01: Fixed broken links.

6/15/01: I'm busy planning for Anime Expo.

4/17/01: A new 3-D movie I created for Black Dream is available. Enjoy.

3/21/01: A Souls of Fire cast shot has been set up. View: Page 1, Page 2. WARNING: Both pages are spoilers for the end of the series, so I don't suggest looking unless you don't care or already passed that point.

3/20/01: Added final chapter, Judgement Day. Thus ends the Souls of Fire saga.

3/7/01: Souls of Fire has returned with two new chapters: Mechanical Plague and Between Scylla and Charybdis. Enjoy.

2/2/01: People who enjoyed Vision of the Future can try out the sequel, Black Dream. While the Ranma cast isn't immediately available they are hidden in the game in a secret, mini-campaign, pitted against fanfic characters Cinder, Kanna, and Shizuka, in a Battle Royale.


The Geometry of Shattered Souls. Sometimes the best of intentions leaves those left in the dark left to wonder. When constructing a utopia as Crystal Tokyo, Neo Queen Serenity had the best of intentions in mind, but what do others, those who know nothing of the grand scheme of the cosmos, believe is happening? Here begin the journals of one man, a first-hand witness to the construction of Crystal Tokyo-- and the birth of the path toward its imminent destruction.
I suggest you should know everything that happens up to the defeat of the Black Moon Family story-wise (for those of you NA-only, that's the end of the Negamoon arc, which, if you're lucky, you've seen in its entirety already).

The Geometry of Vanished Souls. Wiseman learns a hard lesson in time travel. New revision uploaded 11/3/99.

Almost Got Her. The Children of Chaos discuss their mutual enemy.

Souls of Fire

Souls of Fire Arena.

Starcraft Maps

Sailor Moon RPG: The Battle of Nemesis. Requires Starcraft: Brood War to play. Recommended for 2-8 players.
As this is a multiplayer map, use this on or any other multiplayer service. Six players control the Defenders of Crystal Tokyo, while two control the forces of the Black Moon. I recommend three Defenders for each Black Moon player for best results. The key to victory is teamwork.

  1. Defenders of Crystal Tokyo: You begin with a single Terran Civilian each. There are six beacons available; only one player can choose from among the following.
    1. Moon (Ghost)-- also commands Luna (Science Vessel).
    2. Mars (Firebat)-- also commands Phobos and Deimos (each a Wraith).
    3. Mercury (Infested)-- also commands Diana (Science Vessel).
    4. Jupiter (Archon)-- also commands Sailor Pluto (Queen).
    5. Venus (Dragoon)-- also commands Artemis (Scout).
    6. Tuxedo Mask (Dark Templar)-- also commands Small Lady (Marine).
  2. Black Moon Forces: Reinforcements arrive as soon as a certain number of the army is decimated, so you never run out of soldiers.
    1. Wiseman (teal; Arbiter)-- the advisor may summon aid when you least expect it.
    2. Diamond (teal; Templar)-- he watches aloof from his throne room.
    3. Sapphire (teal; Zealot)-- his skill in battle may prove too much for the enemy.
    4. Emerald (teal; Siege Tank)-- a devious weapon when used from behind walls.
    5. Rubeus (brown; Ultralisk)-- the CIC of the incredible droid army.
    6. Catzy (brown; Queen)-- Ensnare may keep your enemies busy for a while.
    7. Birdy (brown; Mutalisk)-- combine her might with the aerial droid fleet.
    8. Avery (brown; Hydralisk)-- combine her might with the droid army.
    9. Prisma (brown; Defiler)-- Dark Swarm may save many soldiers from death.
    10. Grim Man (both; Scout)-- leads the air fleet at the shuttle bays.
    11. Doom (brown; Ghost)-- a dastardly agent of the Black Moon.
    12. Gloom (brown; Ghost)-- a dastardly agent of the Black Moon.
    13. Black Moon Dark Disciple (teal; Dark Archon)-- does not have Mind Control.
    14. Black Moon Assassin (teal; Dark Templar)-- only six are available.
    15. Minion of Wiseman (teal; Guardian)-- only two are initially available....
    16. ??? (both; Ghost)-- a mysterious new ally may show up when you least expect it.
    17. Death Force Node (brown; Overlord)-- the crucial energy foci in Nemesis.
    18. Black Crystal Guardian (both; Reaver, Carrier)-- two varieties of guardians.
    19. Wicked Lady (teal; Vulture)-- there is only one way to bring her to your side....

Upon completion, a real-time cinematic sequence will take place, depending on the victor!

A Word About Translations

Already, I expect some of you to balk at my use of the accursed 'DIC' dub names. Before you start ranting about it, let me explain something: why are you translating a word of obvious English origin into Japanese?

Okay, let me explain: we have the following translations from Japan: (btw, this is not an argument against the Hepburn system, so don't say anything about it)

  1. Demando (or Demand, as some people prefer, which is partly correct)
  2. Esmeraude
  3. Rubeusu (the final 'u' is silent)
  4. Saffir

That's great and all, but what many translators fail to realize is that the Japanese language does not translate equally into English. For example, In the case of 'Demando,' the 'o' at the end exists because there are no characters in Japanese that end with just a 'd.' In reference, they also use this in other words as well: 'world' = 'worldo' for example.

  1. Diamond-- As above, the 'd' cannot stand by itself. As for the 'e' at the beginning... if you listen carefully when the name is spoken (the Japanese version, of course), it is pronounced 'DEE-uh-MAN-do.' Also, the 'EE' is the sound 'i' would make in Japanese; the 'uh' is the sound 'a' makes (or, in reference to English, sounds like passive 'e'). Therefore, 'Demando' is a mistranslation of how the Japanese phonetically-say 'Diamond.'
  2. Emerald-- 'E' cannot stand by itself, along with the 'd' at the end. The 'u' trailing the 'a' helps pronounce phonetically the missing 'l' which doesn't otherwise exist in Japanese language (or it might be the 'r,' but considering this, I'm sure the former is correct).
  3. Rubeus-- This seems to be the only one that is translated consistently correct. The silent 'u' that usually comes after the 's' is dropped by many people, but would be correct for the Hepburn system.
  4. Sapphire-- For the most part the translations are correct, but you must be careful to note that the last 'e' sounds silent (it takes advantage of the 'r' sound).

Mistranslations are also the source of error when DIC translated the names of the Dark Kingdom Generals, the most manacled being 'Jedite.'

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