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Kuno's Summer Home

Kodachi...! Shampoo...! Ukyo...!
Kuno...! Mousse...! Ryoga...!

02/26/02: General cleanup. Added more sections on sidebar. Got rid of the Pokemon page. Got rid of defunct Fanart sub link which was the same as the other one on the sidebar. Added more submissions to Fan Misconceptions.

01/24/02: Fixed some stuff in Ki Mastery and Fan Misconception sections that I meant to do over Winter Break....

11/6/01: Added a threat assessment for Wheel of Fire's characters.

9/29/01: All previous fics were re-edited for content, with some things expanded upon while some items were removed (notably just about every scene with the Kunos in it).

9/13/01: New fanfics added to the Wheel of Fire section.

6/15/01: I'm busy planning for Anime Expo.

5/25/01: The Origin of Mind is available at the Wheel of Fire section. I am busy making plans for the upcoming Anime Expo in Long Beach, among other things, as well as working at Campaign Creations, where you can usually find me these days. Certain silent updates are pertaining (such as being at least a year behind my planned fixing of the Ukyo page, thanks for reminding me). Later.

4/17/01: A new 3-D movie I created for Black Dream is available. Enjoy.

2/2/01: People who enjoyed Vision of the Future can try out the sequel, Black Dream. While the Ranma cast isn't immediately available they are hidden in the game in a secret, mini-campaign, pitted against fanfic characters Cinder, Kanna, and Shizuka, in a Battle Royale.

12/18/00: Added new fanfic, Inner Circle in the Wheel of Fire section.

10/27/00: Yes, I'm updating! Two new Fanart characters up. I tried a new style, which is why I haven't done one in months.

10/03/00: Added a submitted Kuno pic in the Kuno art gallery. If you've been wondering why I haven't done anything in two months, I've actually been working most of my time here, writing another fanfic. I'm also thinking about incorporating shtml to these pages instead.

8/01/00: Changed Poll.

7/14/00: Added new fanfic, Dreams Never End in the Wheel of Fire section. I hope you enjoyed the ride.

7/3/00: Anime Expo 2000 Con Report available for viewing. Added new fanfic, Endgame in the Wheel of Fire section.

6/25/00: Added new fanfic, Dawn of Seiryu in the Wheel of Fire section.

6/17/00: Added new fanfic, Star of Genbu in the Wheel of Fire section.

6/11/00: Added new fanfic, Nightmare of Suzaku in the Wheel of Fire section.

5/22/00: Added new fanfic, Eve of the White Tiger in the Wheel of Fire section.

5/17/00: Added new fanfic, Endless Tears in the Wheel of Fire section.

10/5/99: Uploaded Light Edition of Vision of the Future Starcraft Campaign.

7/22/99: Anime Expo'99 Con Report fixed formatting.

They want him. They want him dead. That's Ranma 1/2 in a nutshell.

Welcome! Bask in the glory that is Kuno....

Wait, come back here! Now, aren't you glad you don't have to listen to "In the Middle of Class in Elementary School" or "Don't Make me a Shrew" when you come here? I thought so! Sheesh, those two midis are all over the place, I got sick of them. Not that I don't like them, but really, they get annoying after a while.

And yes, if you want to know, the 6th season opening and the 3rd season ending sequences are my favorite. How about you? :)

The Main Characters

* This category divides the recurring cast of Ranma 1/2 into two main sub-groups: the antagonists (the ones who make trouble) and the protagonists (the ones who get caught up in the trouble). These in turn are divided into smaller groups of major or minor characters, where the minor characters show up only sparingly or play minor roles in the story. Keep in mind that a recurring character shows up in at least two stories.


Main Protagonists

  1. Ranma Saotome. Our main hero. With many who wish to kill him and many who wish to marry him!
  2. Akane Tendo. Ranma's fiancee, one of two. A kind and generous person, but has as a very short temper....

Minor Protagonists

  1. Soun Tendo. Father of the Tendo sisters; very emotional! Still mourns his dead wife.
  2. Kasumi Tendo. Elder Tendo sister who functions as the 'mother' of the family since Mother's death.
  3. Nabiki Tendo. Middle Tendo sister who works on the side of money.
  4. Genma Saotome. Father of Ranma. A lazy slob who made much trouble for Ranma.
  5. Nodoka Saotome. Mother of Ranma who hasn't seen him in ten years. Appears late in the series.
  6. Dr. Tofu Ono. The local chiropractor who is in love with Kasumi. Better get out of his way....
  7. Akari Unryu. Ryoga's fiancee who shows up later in the series. She loves pigs!
  8. Hiroshi and Daisuke. Ranma's noncombative pals at school.
  9. Yuka and Sayuri. Akane's noncombative pals at school.
  10. Jusenkyo Guide. Watches over the cursed training grounds and tells tragic stories.


Main Antagonists

  1. Ryoga Hibiki. Ranma's long-time rival with a lousy direction sense. Turns into P-chan.
  2. Tatewaki Kuno. Enemy of Ranma who wishes the hand of Akane and the pig-tailed girl.
  3. Kodachi Kuno. Sister to Tatewaki, she blindly follows Ranma, seeking love.
  4. Ukyo Kuonji. Ranma's childhood friend, the least obsessive and most friendly. Ranma's other fiancee.
  5. Shampoo. Amazon warrior who wishes to marry Ranma since he beat her in combat.
  6. Mousse. The Master of Hidden Weapons and all things avian, Mousse is blindly in love with Shampoo.
  7. Cologne. Great-grandmother of Shampoo, leader of the Joketsuzoku Chinese Amazon tribe. THE most powerful martial-artist in the series.
  8. Happosai. The old lecher who is the founder of Anything-Goes School of martial arts. Master of Soun and Genma, he 'trains' Ranma to be his 'heir.' Loves Ranma's female form's body.

Minor Antagonists

  1. Konatsu. A servant of Ukyo who shows up late in the series, he grew up as a girl. A very powerful martial artist with the skills of kunoichi (female ninja), but weak-willed and incompetent.
  2. 'Pantyhose' Taro. The Jusenkyo-cursed who loves his curse; he seeks revenge against Happosai for giving him his name. And beat 'Femme-boy' (Ranma) to a pulp! In other words, Jusenkyo done right!
  3. Ling-ling and Lung-lung. (Anime-only) Violent Amazon twins who try to 'help' Elder Sister Shampoo marry Ranma. They practice and perform ridiculous martial arts techniques. No relation to Pink and Rink.
  4. Hinako Ninomiya. The childlike English teacher of Ranma. Master of chi-draining attacks, which change her form to that of an adult.
  5. Principal Kuno. Principal of Furinkan High who makes his students' lives a misery.
  6. Sasuke Sarugakure. (Anime only) A tiny ninja who serves the Kuno family.
  7. Hikaru Gosunkugi. A pathetic schoolboy that causes more trouble for himself than for Ranma.
  8. Bakeneko. The 'ghost cat' seeks a wife. Causes quite a bit of trouble for Shampoo!

Extremely Minor Characters

Places to Go, People to See

Koida Lineup!

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