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Let the sunshine in...

Long Hair Musicians


Long hair and music – does it belong together? It seems there is a fascinating  relation between the tunes of music and the soft motions of long hair. For many female musicians  their hair is an additional attraction on the stage.



Aline Vallandri was a famous opera singer (1912).











Blanche Thebom, opera singer at the Met, has let her hair grow down to the floor during the Fifties. Click here for a special portrait!















Zsuzsa Koncz, pop singer from Hungary in the Seventies. She always swirled her loose, hip-length mane around on the stage.








Nicole McCloud, a rather unknown blues singer with a knee-length mane (1985).











Crystal Gayle, the beautiful American country singer, likes to show her floor-length mane.







For  many of her fans she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.








In the beginning of her career her hair reached hip-length, but in the late Seventies she decided to let it grow and so it became her trademark.






Her most beautiful photos are from the Eighties.













Country music and long hair – those were the days…









On stage about 1983.







The floor is the limit for her hair till now.









In the early Nineties there were reports in magazines that her doctors asked her to cut her mane because of frequently headaches, but she refused to do so.











Nicolette Larson, an American country singer from the Seventies







Nicolette Larson died early in her Forties.









Parousia, a new American group of four singing sisters from Oklahoma. They try to keep their long hair as natural as possible. To learn more about them and their mission, you can visit them at their website here (2012).

Photo: Parousiaband




If you know more musicians with very long hair from your country, please write me!