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"Archangels & Ascended Masters:

A Guide to Working and Healing with Divinities and Deities"
by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

This is a book you will reference time after time for it's valuable contents. By many reports we are living at a time when all of the Ascended Masters have returned energetically back to the Earth, waiting for us to ask for their help so that they may give it. This timely volume was written by Ms. Virtue to detail the background of each Master and Archangel, and what talent or speciality each has. She then provides an invocation for each as a starting point so for us to begin with, whereby we may begin to develop our own relationship with these special helpers of God. The book is also cross-referenced so you may look up your problem and find the appropriate helper, or helpers for you to choose from. It may also be used by giving thought to your problem or situation, and then opening the book randomly. What a great book!

"Pinecones: Autumn Reflections"
by Mary Summer Rain

In this first of a set of two books, Mary Summer Rain suggests that these may be the last two and possibly the "most valuable and enduring of all" in her many books to us. Mary was given to walking in the woods and carrying a notebook with to record her thoughts as she moved through the mountains. Her notebooks represent a blend between the Message and the messenger, and are drawn on almost completely for this volume and the one yet to be released to be named "Woodsmoke". These thoughts will lead the reader to contemplation and soul searching of their own through thoughtful insights, meditations, and parables.

"The Care & Feeding of Indigo Children" by Doreen Virtue & Jan Tober

The topic of Indigo children was initially explored the book "Indigo Children" co-authored by Jan Tober and Lee Carroll. Now in this newest release, Jan has teamed up with Doreen Virtue to shed more light on these unique and potentially complicated children. These children often act like royalty, and wonder why you don't see it. They don't like lines, and want more than 'Because I said so" for their answers. They are often aware of activity on the other side of the veil, and need adults who can validate or at least believe in what they experienced. They are aware of certain of the interdimensional activity that has been taking place since the beginning of the millenium, but tend to withdraw or avoid discussing this because others, especially adults, become concerned at this 'strange talk'. Doreen has done some extensive research with the teachers and caretakers of these children, as well as with many Indigos themselves. These interviews offer understanding and alternative solutions to the increasing use of prescribed drugs to control our children, in addition to guidelines to use in choosing the foods they eat. Many of the interviews with the children themselves reveal why they behave as they do and what they want from the adults in their lives. A must read for parents, grandparents, teachers, and all adults who work with children!

"Meditation Made Easy" by Marnie Vincolisi $15.98 CD

In this busy world it is hard to find time or reason to silence the mind. Through verbal guidance and gentle voice, the mind can find its path to peace, which creates inner knowing and enlightenment. In this CD, you will be guided through the clearing of your chakras and then to a place to reconnect to your essence. You may meet a Master and receive guidance for the day, or do a self healing treatment. You'll find this CD to be a transformational experience! See Marnie in person at The Nic Nac Nook on Sat. Sept. 29th from 11:30-1pm. She will be offering a class demonstrating the techniques used in the CD for a nominal charge of $5, and will be available afterwards for questions. Go to her web site for a sampling of this and her other CD, "Cosmic Connection Meditations".

"The Spirit of Joy: A Transformational Journey to Awaken the Soul"
by Carl R. Nassar, Ph.D.

Written as a novel, this unique little book is a wonderful story as well as a view of spiritual refocusing. It involves two main characters, a Spirit named 'Joy' and the narrator of the story. Not unlike many of us, he is basically a good person at heart. He strives to see the bigger picture in life and to implement his spiritual principles, but the pressures of day to day life and career stresses sometimes leave him disappointed in himself. The story begins with our main character searching in the self help section of his local bookstore, questioning why his life is not fulfilling and hoping he will find some answer there. He makes a rather ambivalent purchase and heads towards home, when he meets a woman spirit named 'Joy'. She has come to help him see what's missing in his life and to discover how it happened, and promises to come each Saturday to help him find the joy missing in his own life. Week after week she returns as promised and takes our character on a journey, at first to his own past, showing him how the love he came to express in his life had gradually become tarnished or replaced with fear. She speaks of the 'choices' he is able to make that will bring more happiness for him, and although he often stumbles when he first begins work on these new principles he also sees the wisdom in Joy's teachings. Slowly he begins to implement Joy's suggestions in his life, and the reward is seen in the quality of his life beginning to change. He remembers her words such as 'That which you give your attention to is that which you make bigger' and "Practice seeing your perfection", or "Nurture persistence". Finally Joy takes him into two possible future scenarios for him to choose from, and there is a lesson there all of us can learn from. Although the book reads like an entertaining novel if that's all you're interested in, what stands out about this book is its real and effective suggestions for changes and new perspectives for your own life. While much of what Dr. Nassar writes about is solid traditional spiritual principles, it is also woven with the energy of 'new millenium thinking', wherein you almost feel it becoming your conversation with Joy! I thought it well worth the price, and have recommended it to several customers with good feedback!