cancer-awareness To My Father

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To My Father

My father died when I was only one, and I've always wondered who he was.....

To My Father
Although I'll never know you,
or even if you cared,
I'm writing you this letter
for the special bond we share.

I've seen the pictures,
read the words,
I'm searching for something
that can't just be heard.

I examine your face in wonder.
Are those my eyes?
My ears? My smile?
I'm trying to find some miniscule tie

Then I'll ponder,
"Why can't you be here?"
Why did you leave
when I needed you near?!

To hug me, to smile,
to say all is well.
But now I'll never know that comfort,
but forever on it I shall dwell.

You'll never walk me
down the aisle.
Hear my words,
or see me smile.

I wish I'd known you,
for just awhile,
Did you love me?
Your youngest child?

As I write,
the tears come fast.
Tears for a father
who's love couldn't last.

Tears only you
could wipe away.
Tears that would end
if only you'd stayed.

But you're gone forever,
you're not coming back
but forever I'll love you,
and cry for the father I lack.

I only hope
we'll meet again.
One day in Heaven
But when is then?

Copyright 2001 Terri John

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