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The Joy of Life

Life is short, and time is fleeting
so you should not waste a day.
Don't worry about what comes next or seeking
what life is, just take what comes your way.

Everyday's a new adventure,
with wonderful things to explore.
Books to read, places to see,
and ever so much more.

Some people will just sit,
and wonder what could have been.
But you should shine, like a candle lit,
for to waste life is a sin.

The world is full of many challenges,
you must be brave, and take them all.
For with every new experience,
your spirit will grow strong and tall.

Life is precious, and yours to have,
but for a short time only.
But, please, do not be glum - laugh,
be glad, and always merry.

I truly hope you use this message,
and tell others what you've learned.
For life is much to precious,
it's to be lived for all it's worth.

Life is short, and time is fleeting,
please tell someone else today.
Don't waste life, just spend it seeking
a new adventure for every day.

Copyright 2001 Terri John