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The Fairy Castle


The Fairy Caslte
Last night I dreamed of a fairy castle,
and to name all the beings would be quite a hassle.
Blue fairies, pink fairies, fairies with wings,
all full of laughter, and all busy as bees.
The castle was golden, and glowed and glistened,
it even played music, you had but to listen.
The music was sweet, it tasted of sugar,
how this possible, I can't quite remember.
The fairies were busy with their tasks of the day,
Some creating the April showers, and others the flowers of May.
The castle was in the Mountains of Mist,
surrounded by clouds that brought winds of sweet bliss.
Found in the center was the Fountain of Dreams,
which was run by none other than the fairy queen.
The queen was beautiful, lovely as can be,
but what else can be expected of one such as she?
Her gown was of sattin, her crown made of dew
She glowed and she glistened from her head to her shoes.
The dream was wonderful, but all dreams must end.
But I know that in Dreamland I can return once again.

Copyright 2001 Terri John