Rest In Peace, Dear Lizzy
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Rest In Peace, Dear Lizzy


Rest In Peace, Dear Lizzy
It was a bleak day in March, but I guess that most March days are. There was a cold drizzle outside, but the house seemed cold in comparison. Within the small, two-story house there stood a family dressed in black, two sisters and their families. The eldest sister, Emma Jane, was moaning and crying relentlessly with her youngest daughter sitting dismally beside her. The younger sister, Kathy Mae, stood watching her sister in disbelief.
“Why must you carry on so?”, she asked her sister.
“There’s been a death in the family, and you ask me such pointless questions”, she cried, “you must be even more cold-hearted than I thought.”
“But it was just Lizzy, and she can hardly be considered a part of the family”, replied Kathy.
The older sister gasped in horror at her sisters words, and sent her daughter out of the room.
“Not a part of the family? Not a part of the family?!?! How can you say that? Lizzy brought happiness with her wherever she went. I don’t know how we’ll survive without her.”
“Well, I personally never even liked her, and I’m glad she’s finally gone”, said Kathy.
“I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Are we even related? I demand that you take it back at once, this very second!”
“Why should I? She was a bitter old hag”, refused Kathy.
Emma burst into a fresh set of tears and began to rock back and forth, trying to console herself. Kathy walked over and sat beside her sister.
“Oh, Emma, I’m sorry. I know she was very special to you. She was very........friendly.”
“Thank you Kathy. Well, I suppose we’d better get to the funeral. I hope my speech sounds okay.”
“I’m sure it’ll be great. Something Lizzy would have wanted. Now, we’d better get started”.
The two sisters walked into the main room where the rest of the family was already seated. Kathy took her seat and Emma walked to the front of the room where she would give her speech.
“Lizzy”, she began, “was the best cat I ever had.”