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Blurred Reality

The sound of footsteps,
a knock at the door.
A stranger doth enter,
and falls on the floor.
In his eyes there is fear,
and his breathís end is near.
and the story he tells
creates fear in your heart.
He tells of a night
full of death, full of strife
He tells of a night
so dark it was light.
Of a star, he does tell,
and from the sky it did fell.
But a star, it was not,
for it fell with a shot.
and suffering it brought
to all, though they fought.
and to you, he warns,
in a voice so forlorn,
beware of the star
which comes from afar.
Beware of the star,
with effects so bizarre.
But the mystery of this star
he can not tell
for the answer dies
with him where he lies.
As his breath does end
you canít comprehend
what destruction may come,
with the setting of the sun.
For so dark is this night,
so dark it is light.
and a star you do see,
and you canít help but believe
that with it comes death
and you take one last breath
before to death you succumb
and a corpse you become.
for what reason?
youíll never know.
But you have time for one final scream,
with the scream comes the strangest thing -
You awake from a dream,
a dream so surreal.
But where you wake isnít home,
and youíre all alone.
and whatís dark should be light,
whatís wrong should be right.
Where you are,
you donít know
but others soon join you.
you canít help but wonder,
is this all real?
or are you simply suffering
from another blurred reality.

Copyright ©2001 Terri John

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