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Life begins with a sudden rush,
a glow of gold and orange.
Our eyes spring open,
and we glimpse upon all that is new.
In looking about us nothing,
not a single golden item,
can seem in the slightest to be wrong.
Life moves on to a stage of green.
A time of exploration and excitement.
We know all and see all,
the World is ours for the taking.
But soon we switch to a stage of blue,
all is calm and serene.
We know the world well,
along with all of itís wrongs.
After a time the stage is black,
the life which we lived has washed away.
And in it, what did we accomplish?
Was there anything, in all of our days??
In all of the days,
in all of the stages,
are any of us,
truly Awake?

Copyright ©2001 Terri John

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