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This poem was written for school, which is why it's even more lame than the others I've written. "The Joy of Life" was also written as a school assignment, both my freshman year of highschool.

America! America!
Home of the Free and the Brave
Our country's fought for many an era
so the path of freedom could be paved.

We were destined from the very start
to have a country brave and true.
Many played an important part
to make sure our country grew.

Our founding fathers began it all
with a simple list of demands.
A war was begun; we did not fall,
Instead America was born with true American hands.

After our freedom had been granted,
some thought others deserved the same.
The next war caused our lands to be parted,
and the Civil War freed all the slaves.

Liberty, Sweet Liberty,
the secret our nation knows.
Many have fought, so you and me
could live in a nation where freedom grows.

America, America
Home of the Free and the Brave.
Our country's lasted for so many eras,
and above our flag still waves.

Copyright 2001 Terri John

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