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Multiple Sclerosis....the cause?....the cure?

Tammy Davis
Visions of the Heart
Albuquerque, NM

This is truly a disabling illness. Many people struggle with it ~ many you may know, and more often than not, many you don't. For the most part, you may not even be able to tell if someone is in fact living with Multiple Sclerosis. MS doesn't necessarily mean the afflicted person looks ill. They may appear to be okay to you, but looks mean nothing when it comes to an illness.

What do you suppose Multiple Sclerosis looks like? Is it disfiguring? Is it frightening to look at? Is it something you can see by looking into someone's eyes? What do you think?
Well the following is a picture of MS:
. This happens to be a photo of me. I struggle with feeling ugly, primarily because of the symptoms, and as you can see, someone with MS looks reasonably normal.

The symptoms vary from person to person, and more commonly than not, the person living with MS may cycle in and out of feeling well, and not feeling well. Symptoms often include, but are certainly not limited to: fatigue, numbing and tingling, difficulty breathing, walking, lifting, swallowing, talking, etc.
This is an auto-immune disorder of the central nervous system, and I am one that has been given an opportunity to live life with this disability. I've used this illness to return to the gifts of my heart, and have compiled a cookbook of international recipes with a bounty of nutritional information as well as a lot of fun stuff. The purpose of this book is to raise awareness as well as money for those who would benefit with more research and support. In other words, proceeds will be donated for research on behalf of those living with Multiple Sclerosis. If you are someone either living with MS or living with someone who has it, please email me with the effects and how you or the person you love would benefit. In doing so, you will be facilitating the publication of this book. I will use the information shared as a way to market my book to some very busy publishers. I'm hoping that your input will get this book into print sooner than later. So, please help. Help yourself, and those that you love.
From my heart to yours, Tammy

I have terrific news!!! I'm currently working on a new project ~ one that brings your family together while raising money for MS research. I call it "SEASONS OF GENERATIONS", and it's a customized calendar using photos you provide. If you would like additional information, EMAIL ME. I'd be happy to share the details/requirements with you. With any luck as well as time, I will post some examples of my work for your review. I'd also like to reassure you that as a member of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, you have my word that proceeds are being donated and will continue to be donated until a cause as well as a cure are found!

The Gift
As this illness embraces me (with the infamous MS hug), I embrace the gift of discovery.....
As this illness numbs my body, I feel the gifts of my heart.....
As this illness makes me cry, I am empowered.....
As this illness creates differences, I remain the same.....
As this illness disables my body, I discover my strengths.....

****An insight ~ straight from my heart!****
The more we work to control something/someone, the more resistance we encounter.
I make this statement because of a theory of mine that one of the many reasons for so many diseases reaching epidemic proportions is directly linked to immunization shots. I realize that there are many factors involved, but I believe that our childhood vaccinations resulted in hyperactive immune systems, etc. Science has tried to prevent illnesses through control, and mother nature continues to resist in her own way. Just a thought :) and one I would like to see pursued for our kids and grandchildrens sake! FYI ~ 100 years ago, there was no such thing as immunizations unless there was a terrible disease like polio or the flu ~ the people in this world that make up a percentage of the population that lived during the early part of the 20th century, have seen very little of what we are seeing today!

The Greatest Pain of All
I cry for you as you turn away ~
soul soothing tears; profuse with fear.
Transparent walls screen the truth
from the most intimate of partners.
Your intoxicated heart embraces what's flawed,
wanting to feel the numb;
yet your loathsome mind dispels the beauty ~
distorting blossomed images
creating hurt.
Turn not to the lies, but to the pool of truth ~
gaze deeply ~ and reflect.
For the darkness that lingers within the heart
is by far the most mysterious of places.
So, don't reject what you sense;
and don't reject what you see
because the denial of that which is you,
is the denial of me.

Would you care to see my form of therapy? Click here and take a look at what can happen when you put your heart into it.

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I'm currently adding fun stuff to these pages for your enjoyment. Beginning in the next few days, you will be able to find a sampling of my recipes as well as other information from my book. Would you care to have a look? Click here to browse.

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Please know, that as I walk this new path in my life, I will continue to introduce you to more thoughts, and places. Thank you for visiting.

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