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Hawaiian Koa Outrigger Canoe Paddles

These functional Hawaiian Curly Koa Outrigger Canoe Paddles are designed to be displayed in your home
or office. Koa & maple wood (and/or Ebony) inlay provides a sharp break where the handle meets the blade.
Layers of maple strengthen and provide a color contrast, highlighting the paddle contours.   These paddles are
treated with a deeply penetrating  polymer. The final finish is seven or more rubbed coats of teak oil. 
The paddles are polished to a high gloss and UV protected with a carnauba wax.

Paddle cost is dependent on the amount of color, curl, and character of the wood.
Prices (including shipping + tax) start at $1560.00, which include paddle, wall mount, mount hardware, mounting instructions, and numbered descriptive certificate (frameable).

Each paddle is signed, dated, and numbered.

Each paddle is unique with respect to color, curl, & character of the wood.

Joe McCleskey, PO Box 1426, Honokaa, HI 96727,  (808) 775-7331

Paddle #45     Paddle #46     Paddle #49     Paddle #50   
Sold                Sold                   Sold                Sold                 

Two Paddles    Paddle #31      Paddle      Wood for Paddles   
       Sold                 Sold               Sold                                      
                                            Silver tip Pink Ivory cane        Two Sticks     Paddle 26
                                                          Sold                             Sold                Sold

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