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Castilla la Mancha, August 1999.


Linus Bengtsson, Birikim Ozgur, Bilal Soygur, Emre Serdar and Maria Axelsson.



A guest playing with Elena Alonso.



Adeeb Saliem, Rasha Daibas and Bassel Idkeidek, palestinian delegates.



Beran Djmal and Aitxa Soygur, turkish cypriot delegates.



Dena Stone (USA) and Shireen Adel Budeiri (Palestine).



Tomer Hochma (Israel) and a guest.



Bassel and Javier Collado de Las Heras (Spain).






Elin Leidstedt and Alexander Hellervik (sweden).



Santiago Domínguez Guillén and Juan Manuel Ipiña, after exploring the cave,
happy to be alive.



Part of the group discussing religion.



Beran, Birikim and Emre.



Trekking in the region.