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The present catalogue of documentary videos about social and
political issues contains productions of the members of the
Buenos Aires Indymedia Video Collective. This audiovisual material
reflects part of the social and political reality of Argentina and
part of latinamerica.

The production of these videos is independent, generated with the
contribution of the producers and donations.

To promote our work and continue producing we're offering the
material that we describe in the catalogue below.


Argentina, 2003, Documental, 27 min.
Realization / Production: Elipsis Video/ Indymedia Video

Abstract: A work in progress about the latent conflict in Bolivia.
After the escape of Sánchez de Lozada, a loud clamour for
justice opens. We can also listen to some of the protagonists of
the latest popular uprising (Felipe Quispe, Evo Morales, among
others) giving their opinions about the days of September and
October, and how the to continue the struggle.



Argentina, 2003, 20 min.
Realization / Production : The land is ours / IndymediaVideo

Abstract: The piquetero movement "June 26th" decides to confront
the police to obtain abandoned land. This work, which is in progress,
questions the private property of the land in the face of an inmediate
need for propper housing.



Argentina, 2003, 17 min.
Realization / Production: People of the land / Indymedia Video

Abstract: A mapuche family is evicted from their land in the Province of
Chubut, Patagonia Argentina, because of an accusation presented by the
Benetton Group.



Argentina, 2002, Documental, 13 min.
Realization / Producction: Enerc Project / IndymediaVideo

Abstract: Film produced by a piquetero which tells his own story and the
story of his neighbourhood. The mounting of the film was also done by himself.



Argentina, 2002, Documental, 36 min.
Realization / Production: NoTvVideo / Indymedia Video

Abstract: On the 26th of June of 2002 several organizations block the accesses
to Buenos Aires. The government repressed all the pickets, in particular
the one at Pueyrredón Bridge. As an outcome of that repression two piqueteros were murdered.
This video reflects how the mass-media distort the information and present the victims as criminals.



UTD, Union of Unemployed Workers, Gral. Mosconi, Salta
Argentina, 2003, Documental, 37 minutes
Realization / Production: Cinedeotraclase

Abstract: The film describes the organization of unemployed workers, and the
works that they're doing in their community, reconstituting the social tissue
which had been damaged by the implementation of neoliberal policies of privatization.
It also shows the demential repression that they suffer from the government.



Argentina, 2003, Documental, 12 min.
Realization / Production: Pavlo Vándalo

Abstract: The video records the conflict between the company and the bus drivers
of one of the most important lines in the west suburbs of Buenos Aires. It's a emblematic story of a "Retrieved Argentine Company".



Argentina, 2003, 26 min.
Realization / Production. : Elipsis Video

Abstract: Brukman Textiles has been producing suits for more than 50 years. On the 18th of December of 2001 the patrons abandoned the factory. The workers
initiated the path of self-management.