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America Under Attack

On Sept.12/01, the day after, our english teacher had us write a poem/essay/or what we wanted about the attack on the US. This was my teacher`s comments: "Strong images! You include a lot of fact but couch it all in a good expression of feelings. No wonder you like to write poems so much!" So here`s my poem:

This poem is dedicated to those victims of the attacks.

September 11th,
a day the world will never forget,
a day the United States,
experienced a catastrophe.

Here we were,
safe at home,
while famous buildings,
fell to the ground.

The Twin Towers, The Pentagon,
fallen and gone.
Friends, family, and co-workers,
who knows where they are.

This is a day
history was made.
The day,
America was under attack.

- Jen Marsh

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