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Alan Nicoll as "Dimples"

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Help! About five years ago I saw a movie about a young man in Australia who goes to Paris to become a circus clown. If anyone knows the name of this movie, please email me at and let me know. It's a fabulous movie for the clown enthusiast as well as entertaining for the average viewer.

Become a member of the Clown Forum. It's a good site with a lot of activity, though everything comes out in very tiny print on my screen! Here's a link. Best of all, it's free. Communicate with helpful professional clowns.

One idea I used once was balancing a ping pong ball on my nose and inviting audience members to (try to) do the same. You put rubber cement on your rubber nose and on the ping pong ball and let it dry (it's invisible). Then put them together and it will stick, yet it's easily removable. I decorated the balls with a clown happy face and my name and phone number, so they became memorable "business cards." It worked well.

I typed in "clowning ideas" on the Google search engine and guess which page was listed first: this one! There's not all that much here, but then maybe few others are giving away clowning ideas. So for all you would-be clowns out there, here it is.

I have occasionally performed as "Dimples"; here are my ideas for routines and some reviews and highlights of books about clowning. Use the ideas freely, most are borrowed, some are original. But if you wish to publish these in any form, please contact me for permission. I welcome correspondence and links from any clowning enthusiast; I'll put the best here to share with others.
Clowning Ideas: the formatting is terrible, but the ideas are good!
Ideas for Parade: Latest addition to this site, but much duplication with other ideas here; a few new things.
A few more ideas: juggling, rabbit out of hat, practical jokes. New stuff on costume ideas added 7/28/05.
Stage routine: Notes for a stage routine, and an idea for balloon animals.
For beginners: lessons learned after my first experience in public as a clown.
Ventriloquism Routine: An original routine; I've never performed it, but you're welcome to try it. You'll need a "talking" snake, preferably in a basket.
Clown Books: Reviews and highlights; some author names missing, alas.
Charles the Clown: My review of a performance on video, which also provides some useful hints on handling groups of small children.

Trying to get a start in clowning? The easiest, quickest way I know is to read Turk Pipkin's book, which comes with a rubber nose. It has great ideas for free and make-it-yourself costumes and props, and some classic clown shtick. If you buy it through this link you'll be helping to support this web site:

Good site for more free ideas
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