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Marheine Home Page

Chemistry? Transportation? Pork?

Just a Robert Crumb - Mr. Natural - Flaky Foont cartoon I like for some reason.
(With corrected spelling.)

Family Snapshots
(This one is from approximately 1998 or 1999.)

Spooner & Fire Town
I've thrown together a little Spooner & Fire Town History/Tribute web page...
For all those Butch Vig and Duke Erikson fans out there...
Also, check out Bob Bartel & Dave Benton's Spooner site!
No Garbage!

Some more junque...
Links & stuph...

Here, Try One Of Mine...
Some websites I've enjoyed...

The Music Connection - Pearls Before Swine et cetera...
That's Tom Rapp holding one of his 25-year old albums!

Perhaps the greatest American Rock & Roll Band,
and a very comprehensive web site.
If only Buffalo Springfield were as well documented!
(It'd be nice if the website had been updated in the last four years, too,
but considering the subject group has been essentially defunct since the early 70's
and considering the way Real Life tends to interfere with website updates, I guess I understand.
At least McGuinn, Crosby and Hillman are still with us and musically active...)

I highly recommend bothe the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield Box Sets, by the way.
(But if you buy them and don't like 'em, don't complain to me!
(Look inward for the key to your problem, grasshopper...)

More links to come...

Alternate Email: Dave

Great-grandparents Henrietta and Frederick Marheine

Email: hazydave

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to create a valid e-mail address from a text string (belatedly) attempting to camouflage
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Last Update: January 2004