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Murals in the making…

sunnmoon.jpg (30355 bytes)


        Someday I will paint more of the warehouse walls, and hopefully some outdoor places too. My college apartment is far remove from any potential mural locations, so all I can share of my current artwork is the contents of my sketchbook. This sun-and-moon drawing might make a good mural design, or perhaps this butterfly. Characteristic of my coastal college campus is this rendition of a sunset ocean tide, which I’d like to include as part of a larger beach scene. I’d like to paint more animals (a jungle scene?), and I’d also like to try more human figures as well. Unfortunately, my walls are hundreds of miles from me; so for now, I am conwaves.jpg (58636 bytes)tent with colored pencils and blank white paper. In the past few months, however, I have discovered the computer screen to be a miniature mural canvas. The Internet provides me with a way to share my artwork- especially my murals- that would never be seen otherwise (except my uncle and his cats! , of course).

Stay tuned to this web-site for mural updates, and please feel free to send me butterfly.jpg (40361 bytes)your comments, questions, or mural suggestions. Thanks for stopping by!