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    Murals thrive in public places. So as you browse through my web page, you might wonder why I paint walls that few people will ever see. I realize the irony here, in creating spectacles of hidden corners. On account of their invisible existence to the outside world, I am relocating my walls- to the World Wide Web, of course. (After all, cement walls do not travel well).

    The first mural I ever painted was the wall nearest my paintbrush-in my bedroom (to my parents' delight). Two years later, in 1998, my Uncle Mark bought a giant warehouse. Little did he know at the time, he had also opened the door to my painting palace. Starting with a mural for my high school senior project, I began to paint the warehouse walls even though I knew my uncle and his cats were my only immediate audience. Unfortunately, I could not bring the warehouse to college with me, so I had to search for new walls to paint- which didn’t take long. A friend of mine invited me to paint bedroom walls at a nearby hospital, where she worked. After that, I had hoped to paint the bedroom walls of my current apartment. To my dismay, my landlord stood reluctant on the matter. So here I sit surrounded by the blank, expressionless sheet-rock of my room. But thanks to the Internet, I have found a portable palette- and at least my computer screen is not barren like my walls. Enjoy the web-site!


smallanimals.jpg (4715 bytes) Beastly Beginnings  '96

    smalldragon.jpg (4539 bytes)     Of  Dragon-Sized Proportions '98

   smallfairy.jpg (4261 bytes)      A Fairy Big Wall  '99

smallwhales.jpg (4584 bytes) Under The Sea'ling   '99            smallsunflower.jpg (2307 bytes)              Cats In The Corner  '00 smallsun.jpg (3690 bytes)    Murals in the Making 
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