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"A ‘Fairy’ Big Wall"


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        Who ever said pixies had to be small? Well, she’s no Tinkerbell, but I thought she’d make good company for the wizard on the adjacent wall. Upon my completion of the previous mural, another one was inevitable. Life became chaotic as I began college in the fall of 1998, but the minute I finished finals I headed straight for Uncle Mark’s warehouse. My brushes and uniform lay right where I had left them, still covered in paint from the mural before. Due to the memory of my aching arm from the previous mural, I learned to use my white space: white clouds, white dress, white waterfall. I learned how to airbrush as well, but I still preferred the most rudimentary tools- cardboard palettes, shirtsleeves, and my bare hands. I’ll be the first to admit my technique is neither graceful nor efficient (I repainted the fairy’s face eight times and I still hate it), but I am very good at getting paint all over the place! I painted and painted until I had lost track o! f the days (until my mother reminded me I had to go back to school). Finally, the fairy and her flowers came to an end, and I packed away my brushes in a lonely corner of the warehouse, where I knew I would find them again soon.