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"Beastly Beginnings"


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    Most kids have monsters under their beds. I have creatures on my bedroom wall. My parents confidently refused my proposal for this mural menagerie- for a little while anyway. They should have known a teenage daughter never actually hears the word "No." Soon after my proposal, I peeled off every last scrap of wallpaper and took up my paintbrush. The wall and I stared at each other for a while before I inhabited the space with a few of my favorite animals. First I painted a turtle; followed by a raccoon, a fox, a deer, and a herd of other animals. Of course, no natural scene exists comfortably without a great oak tree (which I later repainted as a maple, and again as an aspen). The branches somehow crept up to the ceiling and probably would have reached the dining room, had my father not redirected my brushstrokes. So after many hours of splattering paint from ceiling to floorboard, I had completed my first mural project. This wall of critters paved way for more murals to come