Private Correspondence~Xtra~I Bought The Wrong Glue


On Friday we went to the corn maze at Richardson Farm It was amazing. (Oh that must be the root of the word amazing=maze. HA! What it really means is if you get out alive you will be amazed...remember Jack Nicholson?)

I braided my hair into six braids and sprayed them with Glow-In-The-Dark hair spray. I did my nails in G-I-T-D too. Thatís so Doc wouldnít accidentally lose me. (Be sure to activate the G-I-T-D polish first by putting your "parts" under intense lamp light or it won't work.)

What a blast! First of all we arrived a little late but the owner said we could take all of the time we wanted since it was Harvest Moon. It took us 4 hours! (That is because some men have hungry hands) We did all 3. Some chicks we met said they finished it in an hour and a half. Right. We saw lots of people cutting through the maze. Cheaters canít win, so haha! on you.

I LOVE Glow-In-The-Dark. You should see it when you drive at night. Oh, and it is freaky during sex too. Try it!

Saturday it rained alllllllllll day. We still went up to Kettle Morraine for a fall color tour/artistís open house thing. At the border I had to stop at the visitor center for a map because I left my maps in the Miata which I recently sold. In there a man was asking the attendant where he should go to see the color. OMG! It was right outside. Scalding hot reds, burnished browns, snappy yellows, a million colors. I think he was fooled because of the rain. It made an atmospheric stew of color surrounded by a dark misty blue. So beautiful.

Anyway it was a fantastic tour. We visited with artists, saw a lot of interesting workÖI loved the fused glass and the metal sculptures by a glass goddess who works with plasma torches! Doc enjoyed all of the homemade treats at every stopÖ.cranberry bread, nachos, quiches, apple butter on fresh-baked bread, homemade salsas, apples, Wisconsin cheeses, wine, and more stuff. Artists like to feed the body and the soul.

I bought a sculpture. It is a man and a woman etched into concrete. They are back-to-back with their fingers entwined. I think I am in love with love.

Sunday we just sat around like old people. HAHA! Well I did do a project with Docís help. We made a scarecrow out of his old clothes and boots. He has a pumpkin head (haha! not Doc, the scarecrow!)and sits on a hay bale. We raked leaves all around him so he looked like he belonged in the landscape. Oh! Plus I took the huge black birdcage and put one of those skeleton head googly-eyed talking guys in it. That is my present for Doc. Itís for at his house...oops...OUR house.

Biotox alert: On the radio they said that some anthrax was found in C-ville. But I checked CNN and online and canít find anything about it. Maybe more hysteria. I donít know.

All of my friends are good, right? I will contact everyone this week. Sorry that I have been so scatterbrained lately. I miss you. Oops I should have put this on the blog, most of you go there.

I will spend tonight looking up the Anti-Terrorism Bill that Ashcroft is introducing. A brief blurb on CNN said it gives away due process and disallows dissent. That is what freedom is! Our own government is taking it away from us. Fight! And what is with that warning issued by our government on Thursday: "Something" may happen in the next 3 days. How vague can one be? Can any statement more general than that create a state of anxiety in everyone? These frenzied thin days we live in are cracking apart at the seams.

Sending out L.O.V.E. vibes>>>>>>>>>>>>catch 'em!