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Choklit Factory

One boy, entertained by the torments of another soul touching was confusing and he found he was all alone

He sought salvation in the darkness of the choklit sweets soaked insecurities and sugar teased his need to kill

Peel back the faces we hide within our choklit shell some know indulgence some know and some go much too far

They came, hypnotized by the promise in his somber grin...

He saw something in the weakness of their skin...

Peel back the faces we hide within our choklit shell

Some know indulgence some know and some go much too far

Jeff saved for later his prizes of iniquity;

Polaroids to covet and bones to hide in 213...

Bout This Place

My Infatuation with Jeffrey Dahmer is no secret by now. For a couple of years now Ive been researching, reading, obsessing even, over his case. Serial Murder is one of my main interest and I spend a lot of time reading (as well as writing to) about them.

No other killer has been able to catch my attention the way he has. No one else is as intruiging, in my opinion.

I spend a lot of time on the internet and probably visited hundreds of websites about Jeffrey Dahmer- some not so good, some even worse. I only came across two or three sites thats worthy of any attention- I listed them on the top. The rest.... fun reading if nothing else. Hope this helps in YOUR search for info.

Some Basic Facts

Full Name
Day of Birth
Body Count

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer
21st May 1960
Monster of Milwaukee
Necrophilia, Mutilation, Cannibalism. Trophy-collector

In 1991, police entered the apartment 213, of Jeffrey Dahmer.

In the apartment the police found a human head in the refrigerator, 7 human skulls in the closet,two complete skeleton, assorted body parts in a plastic barrel, severed hands, severed penis, many bones in separate boxes, intestines (frozen), and 72 polaroid photos.

These photos displayed his victims in various poses before, during and after death in different stages of mutilation and decomposion.

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(These are some of my favourite pictures
They were given to me by The Wyked Witch of Oz

She snapped them off video for me.
They are unique and therefor if they show up somewhere else,
I'll know they're mine.)

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