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Happy Birthday My Special Friend

You are a friend that has turned out to be of someone that I can depend. A friendship that will never end. That I will thank God every day, That you are my friend.
For it is God that has brought this friendship to you and me, When we most needed a true friend to come to be. When we were both in need so desperately

You have given friendship love to me. That has meant so very much to me. You are a gift from God to me. You have been there when no one else could help me. In my special time of need

You are a friend that always gives. And never ask's for anything in return. You are a friend of which a lot of people can learn. That friendship is a gift from the heart, Of unconditional love and concern.
Someone who will pick you up, If you have fallen down. Someone who tries to do anything it takes to make you smile, Instead of frown. Someone who will forgive you and understand that you sometimes can't be around.

You are that special friend to me. That is why i'm sending this special birthday wish to you from me. To show you how much your friendship has meant to me. As a special thank you for being that kind of friend to me.
May you have many more birthday's filled with love. Especially from the man up above. Who now look's down at you with pride and love. And has made a star shine very bright for you, On this your special night with love.

So look real hard and you will see, That beautiful bright shinning star in the sky up above. That shines just for you and is made with love

I wish you a life filled with happiness. A life filled with good health, wealth and great success. Because my friend you deserve it, For you are one of the best. Someone I know put a guarantee on that. Do you know who that is, Can you guess?

May all your wishes and dreams come true my friend. The one who gave me the guarantee about you. Told me to tell you that he wishes you a Happy Birthday too. And that he never wants you to ever feel blue.

He also told me to tell you, That he always has and always will love you. Because inside your heart you are a good person, Who always thinks of others first, Before you think of yourself. He said to tell you that he has faith in all that you do. Just as I your friend have faith in you too

My friend, I thank God every day for the friend that I have in you. It is God who gave me the guarantee of the friendship that I would have with you. That is how I know that your friendship is true
Happy Birthday My Special Friend

By_Arlene R. Szynal

Copyright � October 24, 2000 All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to all my special friends. Who's birthday's I either missed or didn't know of when it was. I hope that you can all forgive me for missing your special day

A Message To All
To all who have a friend or friend's like mine. And you feel as I have written in this Birthday card about your friend or friend's. Please feel free to forward this Birthday poem card page to them. As any other poem or writings that I put on my webpage

For I would be honored to know and feel that I have helped you express words that you might feel, But sometimes have a hard time to put those feelings into words.
For a gift of words of your feelings and thoughts can not be bought or sold. And is worth much more then any amount of gold

Words of true thoughts and feelings don't ever wither, fade, disappear or die. Like some flowers and gifts sometimes can do. Because the gift of words that are sent with love,
Come from your heart and enters into there's. And is embedded into there memories of you. What better gift to give then a gift from your heart. A gift I give to all of you

My reason for writing poems. To try and help people say the things they need to say of how they feel. For when they have the thought's. But can't find the words to express them. I hope that I can help you to say what you need to say, Through my writings and poems.

God Bless You

By_Arlene R. Szynal

Copyright � October 24, 2000 All Rights Reserved

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