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"A Get Well Prayer Card"
For Babies And Little Ones

May Gods protective shield surround you. May his loving angels sing you sweet lullaby's to comfort you. May Gods great Miracle heal you

For you are a gift to your family and to the world. Of which God wants you to grow up to be a special loving part of this world

I pray that you get well soon. To be blessed with your family to be able to love you, hold you and bring you home well and safe soon

Please father fix what is broken in this baby or little child born of your love with a loving heart. Please do not take this child back with you that from this child's family would have to part with a broken heart

Bless this child with a long life of love as a gift from you. That would help make this child and the childs families dreams for this child to come true

I know in my heart that you didn't cause of what is wrong with this beautiful child today. But it is only you that can take what is wrong with this child and fix it today

For this child to be well and be able to grow up like other children do. This child might grow up to be a messenger of love to all from you

This child needs a miracle of love to heal this child that can only come from you. Father I need you to help this child as you have healed other children that I have prayed for and asked of you

Please let this child's family and all who reads this know of the greatest miracle that will come from you

This little child needs you. But in a way to not leave this soon to be with you. But to be with this family that loves this child and loves you too

We who all send this card await to hear that this child is well and has gotten a miracle from you. Thank you Father whose love if true. Little baby so small and new. I may be a stranger to you

But in my heart as I love all children with a love strong and true. I love you too. May Gods love and miracle blessings give you a long life in this world with allot of hugs and sweet many kisses to you

God Bless You Little One
I and many in the world through this card will pray for you. Because little one. As God loves you. Many in the world who don't know you love you too

Gods Angels Now And Forever Will Be Watching And Protecting You. As You Soon Will Get Well While The Angels Sing Their Sweet Lullaby's To You. Sweet Little One


By_Arlene R.Szynal

Copyright May 5, 2005 All Rights Reserved

Dedicated To All Babies And Little Ones
In the worlds young children or babies brand new. Whether sick, afraid or hurting in any way. I pray that you will soon be smiling and okay. With a long healthy safe life of your wishes and dreams to come true

"Message From Me Arlene"
If you have or know a young child or baby that you would like me to attach their name to this prayer get well card. Please let me know their names and I will attach it on a page that will connect to this prayer get well card. That may help get a miracle for them.
Thank You
And God Bless You And The Children One And All. I love You All

A special e-mail that was sent to me that brought tears to my eyes. Please all who reads this i beg of you to say this poem prayer that is written on this page. For a little baby that needs your prayes to make a dream come true. A life full of happyness and with a miracle from all of you that that saying this page prayer for this child and all other like her to live- to love- and be happy and healthy like me and you. Thank you and god bless all of you.

Pls if you would add Briley Faith to your miracle poem. She was born with SMA and has never taken a breath on her own. She is now 2 months old and is breathing only with a ventilator. I am praying for a miracle for her and her family. They are great Christian parents and a true inspiration to many people. Thank you! Sent from my iPhone

Music Midi Playing_Brahams Lullabye

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