Isaiah's Somewhat Biased Packing Tips

This article was taken directly from th Toys in Babeland website only because I couldn't directly link to the page. Full credit should be given to them, and in fact, if you're looking for a fabulously friendly place to buy a packing cock or dildo... Toys in Babeland is the place. Check out the link to their page at the bottom of this article.


Packing is when someone who wasn't born with a penis (i.e. a woman or a male/masculine-identified transgendered person) puts something in their pants to create a bulge that resembles a guy's package. This can be done with a variety of materials, and for many different purposes. While "packing" frequently refers to wearing a strap-on under one's clothes, one can also pack more for the shape and feeling of a dick & balls than for functionality ("packing soft"). Products like Mr Softie can be more comfortable and look & feel more realistic than having a rubber or silicone dildo in your drawers. However, packing with a strap-on ("packing hard") has its advantages, too-- There are situations in which it's mighty convenient to be able to unzip your pants and whip out your dick.

Anyone can pack... Drag kings, straight women, dykes, femmes, butches, transmen (FTM's), Daddies, tops, Bob Dole (or anyone else who can't get it up), bottoms, switches, bio-boys with small penises, leatherfolk, vanilla lesbians... Everyone who packs has their own reason for it. For some folks it's just about sex. For some it's integrally related to their butch, boydyke, girlfag or transgender identities. For others it's about power, or about being subversive.

Here are a couple of reasons why someone might consider packing:

--To fuck with gender

--So your boner looks as big as it feels

--To co-opt the power of the phallus

--For purposes of passing (as male)

--For genderplay in a BDSM context

--To pick up gay boys (or get in touch with your inner fag)

--Convenience (i.e. being able to unzip your pants and get a blow-job at the drop of a hat, without going into the bathroom and strapping on a harness)

--To confuse people

--To get in touch with your masculine side

--To fill out those tight-ass 501's

--To have discreet (or not-so-discreet) public sex

--It feels good to have a bulge in your pants

--So you can rub up against your lover or someone in a dance club and they'll know how hard you are and that you're ready for them

--You don't have to carry your bag-o'-dicks with you wherever you go

--It gets your girlfriend or boyfriend wet/hard

--No need for penis envy...You can have one of your own.

--You can have as big or as small (and as hard or as soft) a dick as you like, unlike biological males who don't get much of a choice in the matter.

--It is powerfully subversive

--It's hot!

--WHY NOT?!?


There are some viable alternatives to stuffing a rolled up pair of gym socks down your shorts. Here's information on some of the most useful products for packing.


For form over function.

-What Is It?

This is the new packer we just started carrying... It's realistic looking and is made of a material similar to Cyberskin or Ultraskin, but it's soft (mimics a flaccid dick). Mr. Softie comes in several sizes, the largest of which creates a Jeff Stryker-like package in your pants, and the smallest of which might look pretty pathetic on the shelf but is actually the size of a lot of men's cocks when they're not hard. I suggest owning more than one size...Then you can determine which one you use by your mood and the cut of your pants.

-How Do I Use It?

Mr Softie sits inside your underwear. It doesn't need any sort of harness... However, it works best with very tight briefs. It WILL fall out of boxers, and may move out of place or fall out of boxer briefs, as well. If you don't have much experience with "real" penises, you might want to check out underwear ads or magazines like XY and other gay men's magazines that have pictures of guys in just their underwear, for a better idea of exactly how a penis hangs inside a pair of briefs. This packer is made out of a somewhat sticky material that can (and WILL) pick up dust, dirt, pubic hair, you name it... There are a few things you can do about this. First, wash it frequently with soapy water. Secondly, I recommend keeping Mr Softie in a ziplock bag full of corn starch or baby powder when you're not wearing it. This will give it a less sticky and more fleshy feeling. Another technique for keeping it clean is putting it into the toe of a nylon stocking. This won't change the shape or feel of the packer, but will keep it cleaner. In addition, if you knot the stocking after you put the packer in, and leave a bit of fabric above the knot, you can safety pin that fabric to the inside of the waistband of a pair of boxers.


Realistic feeling, realistic-looking bulge. Has been known to pass "squeeze tests" in gay (male) clubs. It's inexpensive, and comes in several sizes.


Mr Softie doesn't come in non-caucasian skin tones. It can't be used for any sexual purposes, due to how flaccid it is. The sticky, dirt-magnet quality of the material can be an inconvience, though the suggestions I gave above should help. Can't be handled roughly since the material is prone to tears, but fortunately this packer is cheap enough to replace. You may have to adjust Mr Softie a couple of times during the day, but biological boys do that all the time, too.


It's all about function, baby.

-What Is It?

Flexible, realistic dildos that are small or medium-sized. 5 or 6 inches is best. The ones I recommend are the Cyberskin cock and any cheap small (preferably floppy) rubber cock. Your mileage may vary.

-How Do I Use It?

While some folks find that just putting the dick into a pair of briefs is adequate, my personal preference is using a harness. Use a harness that doesn't chafe, since you'll be walking around in it, and possibly wearing it for an extended amount of time. The leather Terra Firma is great for this. It doesn't create any strange bulges in your clothes and is soft enough that it probably won't irritate your skin the way the nylon straps of the machine-washable Terra Firma can. Strap on like you normally would for sex, but if you are accustomed to having the base of the dick sit over the top of your pubic bone, right under your belly, you will want to consider having it sit a bit lower. Now put on a jock strap or a pair of TIGHT briefs (if you're going for guys' underwear, BVD brand is good because the fabric is thicker than Hanes in my experience). This will keep your package in place. Bend the dildo upwards or downwards depending on your preference. Pull on your pants, adjust the bulge, and you're ready to go.


Comes in as many colors or sizes as you could possilby want. You are truly "ready to go", so this is a good packing method if you're expecting to get laid since a dildo is... well, it's a dildo. You will feel like you have a big hard-on and, well, it's pretty arousing to have a hard dick in your pants. If you're wearing a harness, it absolutely will not fall out of your underwear and down the leg of your pants, causing possible embarassment. If you rub up against your girl/boy (or a stranger on the street) they will definitely notice.


Potentially uncomfortable. Not very subtle-- You'll look like you have a huge hard-on. Might make someone you're on a date with think you're expecting something at the end of the evening. Being bent in your pants can cause cracks in your dildo. In tight pants, you may be able to see the lines of the harness.


For a surprisingly effective compromise between function & form.

-What Is It?

A semi-hard silicone dildo made by Vixen, that is designed specifically for packing. Unlike other dildos, it is curved so that it makes a realistic-looking bulge. But unlike packers such as Mr Softie, which creates a realistic bulge but is flaccid, it is firm enough to use for sex.

-How Do I Use It?

Like Mr Softie, the Pack & Play sits in a pair of briefs and doesn't need the aid of a harness, unless you want to wear it with boxers. For sex, it can be hand-held or used in a harness. For easier insertion you may want to put it in the harness with the balls pointing upwards, so that the dick is not curved downwards the way it is when it's used for packing. To clean, wash with soapy water. To sterilize, boil in water for 3-5 minutes.


Comes in black & tan. As our catalog says, "unlike stiffer dildos, it does not look like a rolling pin in your shorts." Has the benefits of silicone, such as easier cleaning and the ability to hold body heat and conduct vibration. A reasonable size-- You can see the bulge but it won't look like you're hung like a horse.


For some people this dildo is too small (or too bent) to be pleasurable for sex. It can be hard to use for penetration. Expensive, because it's made of silicone.