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King Links (General)


H.I.S. Kings
The Chicago Kings
Matt and Company
The Toronto Drag Kings Official Page
Red Cloud Kings
Southtown KINGZ Home Page (formerly ZU KINGZ)
King Victoria Site
House of Ma
The Feed the Fire Drag Kings
The Dispoable Boy Toys
New Orleans Fe-Male Trouble
The Underground Kingz
Backstreet Noize


Johnny Kat's Site
Dianne Torr's Page
Dred's Homepage
Carlos Las Vegas' Site
Murray Hill's Page
Duncan B. Deepe's Page
The Lizerace site
Lance Ryan's Page
Willy Ryder's Page
Thug Drag Page


Lauren Haston's Masters Thesis on Drag
Philidelphia's First Drag King Contest
Letter About Drag King Workshop
Eddy Izzard Makes Way for Elvis
Dellazine:5th Annual Drag King Competition
Third Rail:Murray Hill
Q Article about Drag Kings Drag King Article
Kristen Porter's Drag King Slam
Another Article
The Bamboo Clan
Drag Attack Info... (from Holy Titclamps)
Drag Attack Tour Info (from Holy Titclamps)
My Life as a Man Article


Mad Kats
Club Casanova
KINGDOM magazine
Drag King:The Burning Dream
Of Drag Kings and a Warrior Princess
Queer Net Drag Kings Page
The Murray and Penny Show
Technodyke Digital Drag
Little Prince Productions
Manliness Humor Site
The Gender Test at The Spark
Bloomington GLBT Groups Page (including the B-town Kings)


Toys in Babeland's Packing Tips
Making and Buying Pants Stuffers
Alex's How-to

Breast Binding

The Frog Bra
The Tadpole Bra


Clothing Guide for Short Kings


Trans* Links (that pertain to kinging)

Adventures in Boyland
Passing Tips
Tricks of the Trade
FtM Passing Tips
Del la Grace Volcano's Page
FTM A Gender Odyssey
Calling All Trans*:A Gender-related Web Page
Passing Tips
Alana's Gender Agitation Links
Words for Masculine Women
Loren Cameron