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This information was either provided by the kind folks on the dragkings e-mail list or taken directly off of king websites. If first-person pronouns are used in show descriptions, it refers to the group/person who posted or wrote about that event. If there are any problems or questions, please let me know. Thanks!

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San Diego Kings Club-- we perform every Wednesday 10pm at the Flame and the first friday of each month at 9:30 and 11:30pm.
The Flame site:

The Sugar Daddy Show with the Sugar Daddy All-Stars - a brand new drag king troupe based out of LA. They will probably be debuting early in November - look for them at MILK on thursdays in LA. contact: for more info


The Kings of Zu Denver
Every Wednesday night at the nightclub Zu Denver
located at 60 South Broadway in Denver, Colorado




Friday, October 12th





Yes! Surprise, Surprise, you can join us every Friday night @ TOC Lounge after 16 Feb 2001, for some supping ale, hanging out and dressing up. There will be cabaret, bands, readings, multi-media and funky sounds - always a live element, that is. Come and join me for a beer, I'm the wanker at the end of the bar (Hehehe!!) Greetings, Tom Erge


New Orleans:

New York :

> Twice a month on Tuesday nights @ SIREN
> 12 St. Mark's, near 3rd Ave.
> Showtime at 11pm, doors open at 10 > DJ Jolene spins it before and after the show!
> $5 admission


Hey all you drag kings and drag king fans,

Despite the tragic events suffered in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, the planning committee for the 3rd International Drag King Extravaganza has decided to press on and present this spectacular gathering of drag kings and drag king enthusiasts. That said, the festivities are only 42 days away.

This 3 day event (now in it's 3rd year), held in that midwestern drag king mecca, Columbus, Ohio will feature performances of seasoned and rookie drag kings from all over the world as well as a conference devoted to explorations of all aspects of drag king culture and a brunch featuring spoken word and performance art pieces examining drag king, trans and other queer identities.

As of Friday, September 21st, we have 9 performance slots available for the saturday night showcase performance. as usual, the friday night dragdom event is open to all interested performers on a first come, first served basis. This year we have added a drag king film festival and will be screening at least 5 films devoted to drag king culture. In addition to the film fest we will also feature panels on starting your own troupe, publishing a drag king magazine, drag king webpage design and other exciting topics.

advance registration closes october 15th.
please visit our website at for registration materials.
any other questions? email me at or try max at or luster at

hope to see Nov 2-4 you in our Dragtown U.S.A.
in solidarity,






The Men of Club Casanova Tour 2001: click here for a list of dates and places

Greetings, Dred will be doing a little soemthin soemthin along with other fabulous drag acts in NorthHampton this Saturday...see below...

Massachusetts (Northhampton) - Saturday, October 27th, 2001

Diva's Nightclub Grand Opening Gala & Halloween Extravaganza

Party Starts at 8:30 PM Drag Performers & Go-Go Dancers through out the evening.

Featured Performers: Miss Chris Lady Sabina, Dred (, Destiny, Ivory, Vin Dicktyve, Foxy Woods, Miss Emy ...and many more!!!!